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Working to Eliminate Funeral Poverty

The Bad News

Two recent reports have shown that funeral costs have once again risen. The Sun Life Cost of Dying Report lists the average funeral cost in 2019 as £4,417. The Royal London Annual Funeral Cost Index for 2019 lists the figure as £3,785. On average, burial costs are higher still as cemetery space in many urban areas reduces, leading to increased prices.

The Good News, Natural Burial

However, this is not the full story as natural burial offers fully personalised services which help the environment, at costs well below what would be expected in traditional cemeteries. The natural burial ground also provides a beautiful, tranquil place to visit, encourages nature and ensures a natural legacy for future generations.

Personalising the Service

By arranging a totally personalised “family led service” you have the satisfaction of ensuring all arrangements are exactly as you wish. Whilst not having to pay for items and services that you don’t need. Your funeral director can help advise and guide you to achieve this. As would The Natural Death Centre (www.naturaldeath.org.uk). Our team are also extremely experienced in providing help and advice.

Direct Burial

Whilst it is well known that “Direct Cremation” is becoming increasingly popular the principle of Direct Burial is not so well known. We offer this service at The Natural Burial Company. Allowing a non-attended service for a significant reduction in cost. By ensuring that you are aware of the burial ground in which the service took place (but not the specific grave) you have a beautiful place to visit and remember. After all, the natural beauty of the burial ground is itself a tribute to those in its care. You can also arrange a slate plaque and/or tree in a memorial area if you wish.

Find out More

We passionately believe that funeral poverty is wrong and will do our best to work hard to provide the best possible service for reasonable cost. So many others agree also with our stance. You can find more details regarding these and further information on challenging funeral poverty at www.fairfuneralscampaign.org.uk

Here For You

Everyone has a right to say goodbye to a loved one in the manner appropriate to the life lived. We at The Natural Burial Company are dedicated to working with you, all agencies and funeral directors to play our part to make this happen.

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