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Planning Ahead

There are many benefits to planning funeral service arrangements in advance.  Peace of mind knowing that everything will be arranged exactly as you wish is clearly important to many people.  However, there are also financial benefits as you can purchase a grave plot (or plots) at today’s price.  Furthermore, leaving written instructions can help remove the stress and worry of trying to do the right thing for those left behind.

Selecting a Burial Plot

You can meet with us at one of our natural burial grounds and select the plot (or plots) if you wish.  This can be arranged for full burials or Cremated Remains.  Several plots together can be purchased in advance for members of the family and private family areas can also be selected.  Once the plot(s) are paid for there will be no additional charge for the grave as long as the plot is used within 70 years of purchase.  The interment fee would need to be paid at time of need as we are unable to accurately calculate costs for grave digging in the future.

If you wish to meet with one of our team to discuss the environmental and personal benefits of pre-purchasing a burial plot you are welcome to contact us by email here  or by telephone (0116) 222 0247.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and help in any way we can.

My Funeral Wishes

Ensuring a totally personalised funeral service or celebration of life is for many exactly the right thing to do.  After all, if you love music and a glass of wine then it’s appropriate for family and friends to remember you this way.  Many people now have fully personalised services as a fitting tribute to a life.  This can include themed funerals (we recently conducted a Harry Potter themed service), picnics, candle lit services or “open-mic” events where everyone has the opportunity to share memories.

In order to ensure your service is exactly as you wish we suggest you complete a My Funeral Wishes form (we can help you prepare this if you wish), keep a copy for yourself and a copy with your next of kin and/or personal representative.  If you wish, we can also take a copy for our files.  Further thoughts regarding personalised services can be found here

Pre-Payment Funeral Plans

Many funeral directors provide pre-payment funeral plans (sometimes called funeral bonds).  These allow you to pay for funeral services in advance.  If you wish to purchase a funeral plan, we suggest that you shop around to ensure that the plan meets your requirements.  Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions as all good funeral directors will be happy to help in any way they can.  Please don’t simply take the first plan offered and if in doubt take the plan away to consider or ask a family member or friend to check the plan, before making any commitment.  The Natural Burial Company do not offer a pre-payment funeral plan; however, we are happy to help and provide advice if you wish to check that your proposed funeral plan meets your needs.

We would always recommend that you use a funeral director who is a member of a recognised trade association, details of which can be found here

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Answering your questions

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