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Since being formed by a group of family funeral directors, landowners and ecologists, the Natural Burial Company has always sought to unite traditional values with ‘ahead of its time’ thinking to provide high quality, experienced, and most importantly a personal service, designed to make grieving and paying a fitting tribute to loved ones as stress free as possible.

The Managers of the Natural Burial Company opened their first Natural Burial Ground in 1998.  They combine the expertise and experience of the Ginns Family, Funeral Directors since 1858 and pioneers in Natural Burials and the practices we now associate with this burgeoning concept, Edward Packe-Drury-Lowe, whose family has farmed and managed the Prestwold Estate near Loughborough in Leicestershire for over three hundred years, and Lord Clifton Wrottesley whose family owned the historic Wrottesley Hall estate near Wolverhampton in Staffordshire for almost 900 years and who still has a keen interest in the local area.


Our team has now been supplemented by the introduction of Christopher Doggett Dip.F.D. as our Managing Director. Christopher has over 30 years working within funeral service and is dedicated to supporting the community and working to alleviate funeral poverty. Our team are extremely experienced Funeral Directors and Administrators passionate about the environment and helping provide advice and support regarding natural burials and helping to make a burial a personal, appropriate goodbye to a loved one.

Our aim is to establish areas of natural beauty where wildlife can flourish long into the future without the disturbances that modern life creates. A burial in our Woodland or Natural Burial Grounds is a statement of intent to establish, preserve and encourage wildlife in a world where habitats are fast disappearing, by leaving our loved ones in gentle, respectful peace, amongst wild flowers, trees, birds and other flora and fauna.

Our Burial Grounds are places of life, not death.

You may choose a grave plot in advance, or a group of graves, in their preferred locations, perhaps near trees or ponds, or in a wild flower meadow, safe in the knowledge that our unique locating device placed into each grave at the time of burial ensures the site is accurately marked, even though there is no headstone.

A local species of tree or shrub, with a plaque, can be planted and act as a lasting memorial, the area will then be a haven for insects and birds.  Graves can be chosen in advance so that at the time of death, everything can be arranged without undue distress.


Burial of cremated remains is also possible.  Plots can be purchased for a family so that they can be buried together, perhaps marked by memorial trees, a benchbird nesting boxbat roosting box or a plaque.

We are able to offer graves for children up to 12 years of age for no charge.  We also offer memorial trees and plaques for people who are buried or cremated elsewhere and whose family simply want to remember their loved ones in a peaceful place of natural beauty.

We have several burial grounds, all established with the expressed aim of encouraging local wildlife, and are planning to open others in various parts of the country, so a chosen grave in one area could be exchanged for a grave in another area as families move location.

We hope you will join with us in providing a haven for wildlife, and a haven of peace and contemplation to remember loved ones by.

At present we operate sites at Scraptoft, in the countryside to the east of Leicester; Prestwold, on the Prestwold Estate to the east of Loughborough, Leicestershire; and Wrottesley Park, on the Wrottesley Park Estate in Staffordshire, near Wolverhampton.

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