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At the Natural Burial Company we understand that planning a funeral can be extremely difficult and an emotional experience, for many reasons, but wherever possible we aim to provide as much qualified support and helpful information as we can to assist with your arrangements. All of the staff that you will likely have contact with have been involved in funeral arranging for some years and rest assured you will find someone able and keen to assist you with whatever concerns you have.

Below and in the relevant links we have listed what we believe you will find is helpful advice. Our staff will be only too happy to help talk you through any part of this or just offer you some guidance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


How to arrange a Natural Burial

Please click on this link to view the advice in this section. Once again our staff are here to help, wherever we can, please either call us on the number above or email us.


Environmental Coffins, Caskets, Shrouds and Urns

There are now a large variety of environmentally friendly coffins, caskets, shrouds and cremated remains caskets available.  Whilst previously these were premium priced there is now choice within all price bands.   At The Natural Burial Company we work with ecoffins who provide an exceptional range of eco friendly coffins and caskets, all of which we are able to supply (subject to availability).  Other providers are also available and a simple internet search will provide a number of companies.  We do recommend though that if you are purchasing a coffin or casket directly you use an accredited company who are able to provide evidence of standards and the load-bearing capabilities of their products.

If you are arranging a service through a funeral director we suggest that you ask regarding their range of eco-friendly coffins and caskets at your earliest opportunity.  We recommend that you request an estimate of costs as there can be a large variation in prices of green funeral services.  The majority of funeral directors now have prices on their website to help you make an informed decision.


Planning any sort of burial can be a daunting task, and sometimes met with resistance by some especially if family or friends are not familiar with natural burial and what this entails. For that reason the Frequently Asked Questions section may be able to answer any misconceptions or concerns you or anyone else may have.

Please click on this link to view the advice in this section, email us or simply call us on the number above.


Useful Contacts

Whilst we do not specifically endorse any individual company or service above any other, we are happy to provide you with of contacts of a number of local funeral directors, clergy or celebrants that may be able to assist with your arrangements, or indeed help with any other aspect of the funeral or burial. We are here to help…

Please click on this link to view the advice in this section, or get in touch with us via email or call us on the number above.

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