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25 Years of Care

2020 is a special year for The Natural Burial Company as we celebrate 25 years protecting the environment and helping the bereaved. As such we will be working hard throughout the year to continue to ensure that we do everything we can to make a positive difference.

Prestwold in Spring

We were one of the original pioneers of natural burial and we believe that care for the environment and encouraging nature is more important now than ever. Natural burial is much more environmentally friendly than cremation and traditional burial and we are dedicated to working to ensure that everyone is aware of this. Care for the environment and for nature must be high on everyone’s agenda to ensure we protect our planet.

Care for the bereaved has always been important to us. We will continue to help in every way we can, whilst ensuring that we provide exceptional value for money when compared with cremation and traditional burial. We understand that funeral poverty is genuine and we will continue to fight to defeat this wrong. Furthermore, services can be arranged on any day and at any time. Only one service is arranged at a burial ground on any one day and personalisation such as music, picnics or themed services are actively encouraged. We are here to help you to say goodbye in the most appropriate way to your loved one, be it with Elvis, a toast at the graveside or a totally personal Family Led Service.

Prestwold Spring

Ensuring a beautiful, natural legacy for a loved one (or yourself) is so important. And so is protecting the greenbelt and developing woodlands and meadows. Therefore, all of our burial grounds will be returned to nature, ensuring magnificent, natural areas for wildlife to thrive and for future generations to enjoy.

Welcome to this, our new website, which we will be developing to provide helpful information, advice and support for all. We will also be attending numerous shows and events throughout the year. As we believe that it’s important to ensure as many people of possible are aware of natural burial and the benefits to the environment and all within the community. We will also be looking to offset our carbon footprint when attending these events with tree planting and further development of natural areas.

If you require further information you are welcome to contact us at any time. Our team are here to help and available to visit individuals, groups and organisations to conduct presentations and workshops if you wish.

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

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