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Meet our Team

Rachel Doggett – Services Manager

Rachel Doggett

Rachel joined The Natural Burial Company in February 2018 after a career in telecommunications.  Since joining the company Rachel has specialised in caring for our burial grounds and helping the bereaved to arrange personalised services and celebrations of life for loved ones.

Rachel also manages and orders memorials for all our burial grounds and cares deeply for the environment and ensuring memorials chosen are a fitting legacy to those resting in our care.

In 2018 Rachel was honoured to be a finalist in the Good Funeral Awards category of Most Promising Trainee Funeral Director of the Year.  And whilst not strictly a funeral director, Rachel is passionate about helping people and supporting every aspect of care for the bereaved.

Christopher Doggett Dip.F.D. – Managing Director

Christopher Doggett

Christopher, a third-generation funeral director, has worked in funeral service since 1983 and is extremely experienced in all aspects of funeral service and care for the bereaved.

In 2017 Christopher was approached to manage the company and was delighted to take on a role that ensured total personal service could be allied to caring for the environment and encouraging nature.  This ethos forms the key foundations of the very personal care provided by Christopher, Rachel and the team.

Highly qualified and experienced in funeral service Christopher is holder of the NAFD Diploma in Funeral Directing and is a member of the Independent Funeral Directors College and the Institute of Cemetery and Crematoria Management.  Christopher also organises events promoting green and alternative funerals and supporting the bereaved.

Lord Clifton Wrottesley – Director

Lord Clifton Wrottesley

Lord Clifton Wrottesley’s family owned the historic Wrottesley Hall estate near Wolverhampton in Staffordshire for almost 900 years and he still has a keen interest in the local area, as well as a deep concern for environmental issues.  Lord Wrottesley was approached by the Packe-Drury-Lowe family who suggested establishing a natural burial ground in derelict woodland on the site of an ex military and post war refugee camp, which formed part of the Wrottesley estate near the village of Perton in South Staffordshire.  After thoroughly researching the concept of natural burials Lord Wrottesley was offered a share of the Natural Burial Company and became a director in December 2015.  Lord Wrottesley is a self-confessed ‘closet tree-hugger’ and his mantra on natural burials is that he aims for the unconventional to become the conventional

Edward Packe-Drury-Lowe Director

Edward Packe-Drury-Lowe

Edwards father Simon Packe-Drury-Lowe cofounded the Natural Burial Company when he retired from farming at the end of the twentieth century. Edward has continued to manage the Prestwold Estate and run the farm ever since. His agricultural principles are based on sustainability and working with environmental consideration. These attributes guide his work with The Natural Burial Company where he has been a director since his Father’s death. The Prestwold burial ground is located on the Prestwold Estate where the Packe family have lived for almost 400 years.

Bill Ginns – Chairman

Bill Ginns

Bill has spent his life in funeral service as one of the members of the owners of the extremely well respected Ginns and Gutteridge Funeral Service.  In 1989 the family business was sold and Bill’s younger brother, Paul, began work pioneering the manufacture of environmentally friendly cardboard coffins.  As a result of this Paul helped the development of The Natural Burial Company with Simon Packe-Drury-Lowe and Bill joined to support.

Bill played an active role in management of The Natural Burial Company for many years but has now stepped down from day to day involvement, although his knowledge and experience is still utilised in his role as Chairman of the company.

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