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Direct Natural Burial

In recent years there has been an increase in direct cremations, initially due to high profile funerals such as that of David Bowie. More recently the covid crisis has necessitated this option for many in society. The advantages of such a service are clear, the cost is much below that of a traditional funeral and greater emphasis can be placed on what may be more appropriate ways to remember and celebrate a life. Especially for those who are not religious.

However, it is not well known that direct natural burial is also available. This allows the cost and simplicity advantages of direct cremation whilst also ensuring the greatest possible care for nature and
the environment. Family and friends also have a beautiful area of peace and tranquillity to visit to remember loved one.

So, what is a direct natural burial? Put simply, the burial is conducted with the usual care and respect at one of our natural burial grounds, but without a service and with no officiant or mourners present. The Natural Burial Company would select the grave plot, and this would remain unmarked. The family would be aware of the burial ground but would not be informed of the exact location of the plot. However, a memorial tree and/or plaque may be purchased and be placed in our Memorial Area at the natural burial ground.

The Direct Natural Burial is a complete funeral service:
• All arrangements and administration, via telephone, email and/or zoom.
• Removal of the person who has died within office hours from a hospital within 20 miles of any of
our burial grounds (additional mileage charges may apply if the person died outside of this area
and/or at a private address – an estimate of costs will always be provided).
• Care of the person who has died in hygienic conditions until the day of the burial.
• A simple Cardboard Coffin.
• Transport of the coffin to the natural burial ground.
• An unmarked grave at the natural burial ground.
• Interment and Administration fees.
• Our team to conduct the burial.

The cost of the Direct Natural Burial is £1,740

You can also arrange the following:
• A Slate Memorial Plaque and/or Memorial Tree in the burial ground Memorial Area.
• You can purchase the plot at a later date if you wish to know the exact location of the grave.

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