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Notice of Burial and Service Details Form

    This Notice of Burial is a confirmation of a provisional booking. Full details, including maximum outside coffin or casket measurements, must be provided to The Natural Burial Company within at least two full working days in advance of the burial. Documents can be scanned and emailed to .

    I, being the applicant, have read, understood and agree to abide by the Regulations of The Natural Burial Grounds. I also confirm that if the burial plot has been pre-purchased that I am the legal owner of the grave (if acting on behalf of another, written explanation/consent must be provided).

    I am legally authorised to arrange the burial.

    I agree that the grave will not be personalised and understand that unauthorised items will be removed without notice in order to maintain the integrity of the natural burial ground.

    Please draw your signature using the mouse or your fingers on a device.

    Burial Details

    For Cremated Remains

    Service Details

    Note: Minimum 5 working days notice are required

    I confirm that the construction of the coffin/casket, including handles, will comply with The Regulations of the Natural Burial Company

    Please draw your signature using the mouse or your fingers on a device.

    Please find the form for the notice of burials and service details, please click on the thumbnail below to download:

    The Natural Burial Company

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