Burial Ground Locations

We have several natural burial grounds within the UK, with more in the planning stages. Each burial ground offers a tranquil space within a natural setting in which you can pay tribute to a loved one, in the knowledge that you are contributing significantly to the establishment, preservation and prosperity of an environment that can be enjoyed and appreciated by future generations.

Each burial ground is unique, exhibiting its own individual character, and is carefully selected in order to ensure that our values and aims at the Natural Burial Company are safeguarded. In the establishment of a particular burial ground we research thoroughly the local area and listen closely to the concerns, hopes, aspirations and expectations of local people.

Prestwold Burial SitePRESTWOLD Scraptoft Natural Burial SiteSCRAPTOFT WROTTESLEY PARK

The tabs for the individual burial grounds on the left show details and price lists of all items at each of our grounds.