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Simple Natural Burial Service 

To further provide care, service and support to the bereaved we now offer a Simple Natural Burial Service. This service allows the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the direct service, whilst allowing a limited number of people to attend the interment. 

As all aspects of the service are simplified and the rights of the grave plot are not transferred, the cost is significantly less than for a standard burial plot. This allows for funds to be available for a celebration, memorial service or other activity in remembrance. As with all our services, we ensure that our care for the deceased, the bereaved and the environment is total. 

The main advantage of the Simple service over the Direct Natural Burial is that up to six people can attend the burial service. 

The additional key aspects of this limited service include. 

  • The day and time of service are selected by The Natural Burial Company. 
  • The plot will be selected by The Natural Burial Company. 

The Simple Natural Burial is a complete funeral service, including: 

  • All arrangements and administration, via telephone, email and/or zoom. 
  • Removal of the person who has died within office hours from a hospital within 20 miles of any of our burial grounds (additional mileage charges may apply if the person died outside of this area and/or at a private address – an estimate of costs will always be provided). 
  • Care of the person who has died in hygienic conditions until the day of the burial. 
  • A simple Cardboard Coffin. 
  • Transport of the coffin to the natural burial ground. 
  • A Burial at the Natural Burial Ground in a plot selected by The Natural Burial Company. The rights to this plot (including to add memorials) remain with The Natural Burial Company* • Interment and Administration fees. 
  • Our team to conduct the burial. 

The cost of the Simple Natural Burial is £2,250 

* You can purchase the plot later if you wish to plant a tree or place a Slate Marker on the grave. 

You can also arrange the following: 

  • A Slate Memorial Plaque and/or Memorial Tree in the burial ground Memorial Area. 
  • A Minister of Religion or Celebrant can be arranged to conduct a simple service. 
  • An alternative coffin or casket can be selected. 

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