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Regulations of The Natural Burial Ground

These regulations are made to enable the Natural Burial Company to shape and preserve a natural area for the benefit of nature and for future generations of visitors.  They are essential to combine a proper respect for the dead with a suitable management and planting programme to create sites which are peaceful, pleasant, ecologically rich and a fitting memorial.

General Care and Behaviour

  1. These regulations apply to the Burial Grounds known as – Prestwold Natural Burial Ground, Scraptoft Natural Burial Ground and Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground.
  2. The Burial Grounds are open at such hours and upon such days, as the operators will, from time-to time determine.  At present, the grounds are open daily for the purpose of visiting graves during daylight hours.
  3. Children under 16 years of age are not admitted unless in the care of an adult.
  4. ALL visitors to the grounds must comply with the Burial Ground regulations, and the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order, 1977, Article 10, paragraph 6, article and Section 1 of the Criminal Damages Act 1971.
  5. Plans of the Burial Grounds giving the situation of each burial place is open for inspection and may be inspected during normal office hours, by appointment.
  6. Visitors must not disturb the wildlife or remove any materials from the sites.  Mobile telephones must be switched off within the burial grounds to preserve the peace and tranquillity of the area.
  7. No domestic pets or any animals, other than guide dogs for the blind and well behaved dogs on a lead are allowed in any part of the Burial Ground. Any fouling must be immediately removed from the Burial Ground.
  8. All visitors must keep to the paths to avoid trampling damage to the natural and emerging ground cover.
  9. Unless attending a service or to help the disabled or infirm, motor vehicles are restricted to the car park only.
  10. The picking of flowers and shrubs or planting of flowers and shrubs is prohibited because it will prevent the generation of a natural landscape.
  11. No sunbathing, recreational play or ball games are allowed.
  12. No shooting or any form of hunting is allowed.
  13. No litter. Litterbins are not provided as it is expected that visitors will take their litter home.
  14. No grazing animals are allowed within the burial grounds unless introduced by the management for conservation purposes.
  15. Photography is allowed, although the privacy, dignity and respect of others at the Burial Ground must be maintained at all times. No person at the Burial Grounds may be photographed or their image taken in any way without permission.

Conservation of Nature within the Burial Grounds

  1. These sites are being managed to encourage the natural landscape.  Therefore, the erection of monuments, kerbs, fences, decorative stones, woodchips and the placing of markers upon burial plots as well as the cutting of grass on and around plots is not allowed.  Non-native plants or seeds must not be planted on any plots. Trees, borders and other areas within the Burial Ground are also subject to these regulations.
  2. The Natural Burial Company reserve the right to remove any object placed or planted in the burial grounds, which is judged to contravene the rules and regulations and be inappropriate to the purpose of a burial ground without prior notification to the licence holder. They also retain the right to remove any tree or any other plant which precludes the natural development of other trees and plants around it.

Booking of Services and Allocation of Graves

  1. Burial Grounds are small areas of ground in which human remains or cremated human remains may be buried.  They are carefully marked by the insertion into the grave of a microchip containing a unique reference number, which can be accessed by a remote reading device.  The location is also marked upon a master plan and record book.  It is possible to purchase the rights to burial in one or several of these sites in advance.  The purchaser may select burial sites provided that they are within the area designated for use as a Burial Ground.  A register of burials is kept and may be inspected during normal office hours.  Searches can be asked for and certified extracts from it may be obtained on payment of the appropriate fee.
  2. The purchase of a burial site is the purchase of grant of the right of burial in that site only and does not confer ownership of the ground or any other rights.
  3. Only one internment is permitted in each grave space, but several grave spaces may be purchased and in certain areas these may be purchased near or next to each other.  For cremated remains, grave spaces may be purchased for up to six interments.
  4. All grants of burial rights granted by the Natural Burial Company are for a period of 70 years and are subject to these regulations that may be introduced from time-to-time.  It must be understood that using a reserved grave adjacent to a grave already buried in may result in some tree damage.  No bricked graves or vaults shall be permitted.
  5. All excavations of graves and all other works shall be carried out either by an employee of the Natural Burial Company or by a person approved by them.  For families wishing to help with the excavation or filling in, special arrangements can be made with the office.
  6. Floral Tributes of any type may be placed on a grave at the time of the funeral but they will be removed after a reasonable period.  This is to allow the natural ground cover to develop. Bunches of flowers left on grave by visitors must not be wrapped in cellophane or tied with florist’s ribbon, as these are not biodegradable. Memorial Trees will be planted at the appropriate time(s) of year, by The Natural Burial Company.  Trees will only be supplied when a full Grave space has been purchased or in the memorial tree area.  Small memorial plaques, supplied by The Natural Burial Company, can be placed on the grave.

Procedure for Arranging Services

  1. Notices of interments are to be given to The Natural Burial Company by either a funeral director or a private person. Tel: (0116) 222 0247 Email: [email protected]
  2. Interments must take place at a date and time agreed with the Natural Burial Company.
  3. The minimum length of notice to be given where a grave is to be excavated shall be 24 hours excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.
  4. Each notice shall contain the following information:
  5. Full name of the deceased
  6. Date of death
  7. Age of the deceased
  8. Address of the deceased
  9. Place of death
  10. Full description of the place of burial
  11. An exact description of the size type and shape of coffin.                                                                                                            
  12. The day and hour of the interment (The time at which the deceased will arrive at the Burial Ground)
  13. Any arrangements made with respect to an officiant
  14. If a grave has been pre-purchased, the certificate of ownership of the rights must be produced before the burial takes place
  15. No body shall be buried unless the correct documentation is supplied to The Natural Burial Company.
  16. No cremated remains shall be buried unless a certificate of cremation is supplied to the Natural Burial Company and only cardboard or wicker caskets to be used. Cremated remains may also be loosely interred.
  17. No cremated remains will be scattered unless a certificate of cremation is supplied to The Natural Burial Company.
  18. No body shall be removed from any grave in the Burial Grounds, once interred, without a licence from the Secretary of State under section 25 of the Burial Act 1857.
  19. The Natural Burial Company encourages the use of cardboard or wicker coffins; or shrouds made from natural materials.  Coffins made from wood or non-biodegradable (MDF/ Chipboard) materials are not encouraged in the Burial Grounds. Coffin furniture must not be constructed in plastic or metal materials. The Natural Burial Company would be pleased to offer advice in this respect.
  20. The deceased cannot be embalmed or have been subjected to hygienic treatment prior to the burial, unless in exceptional circumstances whereby approval must be received from The Natural Burial Company.
  21. Only environmentally friendly clothing, objects and personal effects can be placed in the coffin.
  22. The Natural Burial Company reserves the right to fit closed circuit television cameras on the entrance, approach roads and car parks of the Burial Grounds.
  23. No camping or overnight stays are allowed anywhere on the Burial Ground, Car Park or the roads leading to it.

It must be noted that as natural burial grounds all burial areas will, in the main, be left to nature.  Accordingly, there will potentially be graves overgrown with plants and grasses as nature intends.  This allows wildlife to thrive.  Furthermore, whilst efforts are made to keep paths and tracks clear, ground may be uneven and access difficult at times.  By purchasing a plot at the Natural Burial Ground you accept these terms and all others listed within these regulations.

Please note: you cannot plant your own tree or shrub in the Burial Grounds.

Respect Policy

Whilst we are certain that most visitors to the natural burial ground are caring and respectful, we wish to provide a reminder to all visitors of the standards of respect expected from all:

The Environment

  • Do not place environmentally unfriendly items on graves or in trees.  Please consider the impact of all items on the environment, local wildlife and the integrity of the natural burial ground.
  • Do not plant any non-native species on graves.  The Natural Burial Company seed the burial ground annually and can supply meadow flower seeds and native trees upon request.  If you are unsure regarding what may be planted, please contact The Natural Burial Company for advice.
  • All rubbish must be taken away from The Natural Burial Ground.

Other Visitors

  • Please keep noise to a minimum.  Playing of music at graveside and loud mobile phone conversations are not appropriate.
  • Children and dogs must be under control and dogs always on a lead. 
  • If conducting any form of maintenance on a grave do not infringe in any way on neighbouring plots.
  • Ensure your clothing and behaviour is fitting for a place of remembrance and respect.  Tops must be worn, and sunbathing is not allowed.
  • During funeral services there may be temporary inconvenience for other visitors.  There may be problems parking and additional noise, including the playing of music.  Please understand that we all have the right to say goodbye to loved ones in an appropriate manner.

Our Team

  • Our team are here to help protect the environment and provide the most appropriate, natural burial ground for those in our care to rest in peace and for visitors to remember in peace and tranquillity.  As such, our team must be respected and inappropriate words or behaviour towards them, or about them to others, is totally unacceptable.

If you have any concern regarding any breach of our Respect Policy and/or the Rules and Regulations of the Natural Burial Ground, please do not hesitate to contact our team on (0116) 222 0247 or by email [email protected]

The Natural Burial Company, The Estate Office, Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane, Loughborough LE12 5SQ

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