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Family Led Services

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We understand that an increasingly number of people wish to personalise funeral services and conduct as much of the service themselves as possible. This is perfectly legal and we can help guide and support you through these very special and personal arrangements.

You are welcome to contact us for advice, our team are caring, experienced and here to help.  We will ask you a few simple questions to gain an understanding of your needs and if we believe it appropriate we will advise you to contact a traditional funeral director.   In such a case we can provide you with a list of local funeral directors.

If a traditional funeral director is not required we can help support you arrange a Family Led Service.  This would involve us working with you whilst ensuring that every aspect of your final goodbye would be personal and fitting.

Examples of such services have recently included:

Celebrations of Life – Including music, food and drink.  Picnics can be held in the summer months.

Themed Services – We recently conducted a Harry Potter themed service.  The Shroud was a Harry Potter duvet cover, attendees came dressed as characters from the books/films and the Shroud was lowered into the grave as the Harry Potter theme tune was played.

Candlelit Services – Services can be conducted into the evening with Candles and Torch Flames guiding the route to the grave.

Services and Pricing

Key to our ethos is providing beautiful, personal services whilst keeping our prices to a minimum.  Our commitment is to the environment and to you.  We are a small company dedicated to providing the best possible service whilst ensuring value.

Supporting a Family Led Service

Advice and guidance, including a meeting at the natural burial ground.  Making the arrangements, completing appropriate paperwork and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.  To include telephone support at all times – From £250.

Additional Services

In each case the cost can be confirmed once requirements are known.  We do not have “packaged prices” as we only charge you for what you need.

Environmentally Friendly Coffins and Caskets

We have a comprehensive range of Shrouds, Coffins and Caskets available.  All of which are environmentally friendly and only sourced from known and trusted suppliers.

Removal and Care

We work with local funeral directors who can ensure appropriate care in hygienic conditions.  You can help prepare the person who has died if you wish.

Funeral Vehicles

We can arrange an Estate Vehicle, a Private Ambulance, or you can use your own vehicle if you have sufficient space.  Alternative hearses can also be provided, these include VW Camper, Morris Minor, Motorcycle and Horse Drawn.

The Day of the Service

We always provide simple refreshments (tea, coffee, squash and biscuits) and have no time restrictions regarding the day, time or length of the service.  We can also provide the following:

  • A simple shelter and chairs
  • Music via a Bluetooth speaker
  • A Celebrant or Master of Ceremonies
  • Coffin/Casket Bearers – You may wish to carry the person who has dies yourselves. However, we can help if you wish
  • Blankets, Umbrellas, Candles etc – Anything else required to ensure the final goodbye is exactly as it should be

After the Service

We remain available to you for help and advice.  As members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) we also provide you with access to SAIF Care Bereavement Support.  If you wish to plant a tree this is usually arranged once the ground has settled (typically approximately six months) and we would arrange to meet with you at a convenient time to conduct the planting ceremony.

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