How to arrange a Natural Burial

Arranging the Funeral or Green Burial of a loved one will certainly be an emotional experience, however, we at The Natural Burial Company aim to make the process as stress and trouble free as possible.

The Natural Burial Company

All of our staff have an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise in the Funeral Industry having many years of experience working as funeral directors, office managers, grounds maintenance, specifically with Natural Burials, in fact those involved in setting up The Natural Burial Company were pioneers of the very practices that are associated with natural burials.

In our experience most burials are either arranged directly by the deceased’s family or with the help of a funeral director. We strongly believe that families should be free to organise a ceremony or celebration of a loved one’s life that they see as a fitting tribute and seek to help with this however we can.

You may want a funeral director to look after all aspects of the funeral, in which case please refer to local funeral directors that we have worked with in the past, or call or email us for friendly, helpful and impartial advice.

On the other hand, if a deceased’s family members want to make the arrangements themselves, our experienced staff can talk you through what is involved, step by step, and indeed take much of the burden off your shoulders. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office for full, discrete, sensitive and friendly advice.

This option may also appeal to those that want a simpler burial, either with or without a ceremony, and that want to pay their respects to the deceased.

With our natural or woodland burials there are also several ways in which to remember and pay tribute to loved ones by memorialising, with trees, plaques, bird nesting boxes, bat roosting boxes, and benches, or making use of other resources that specialise in online memorials.