Bat Roosting Boxes

Similar to our bird nesting boxes, bat roosting boxes offer a place for several species of bats to find shelter and a suitable location to roost in whatever the season.

Discretely placed on trees on our burial grounds, these roosting boxes give sanctuary for one of the few species protected by law in the UK. Placing a bat roosting box near a loved one provides these delicate and enigmatic mammals with a safe haven and so becomes a key part of our company’s, and indeed our national ecology and conservation programmes.

Our bat roosting boxes are designed to be adaptable so that several of our native or visiting species of bat can use the boxes year round, either as hibernation roosts, breeding roosts or simply as a base from which to forage in the surrounding woodlands and countryside.

The tabs for the individual burial grounds on the left show details and price lists of all items at each of our grounds.

Please note that our bat roosting boxes are produced by local craftsmen, using offcuts from donated waste wood material. Each roosting box is hand made and the materials used (and therefore the patterns of each item) vary greatly, meaning the boxes are invariably one-offs in terms of design and look.

Examples of Bat Boxes

Examples of Bat Boxes