The Natural Burial Company nominated for Good Funeral Awards

The Natural Burial Company are proud to announce that we have once again been nominated in the highly prestigious Good Funeral Awards.

This year we have to date been nominated in three categories – Best Burial Ground, Best Innovative Service (for our Direct Natural Burials), and Best Bereavement Awareness Support (for Wrottesley Park Environment Day). The nominations remain open until 31st July so we may also receive further nominations. This is a great honour for The Natural Burial Company as we care deeply for providing the best possible service to the bereaved and the environment.

We have been successful in previous years, winning Best Bereavement Awareness Day in 2019 and Burial Ground of the Year in 2021. We have also been honoured to have been nominated for awards in 2018 and 2022.

The Good Funeral Awards are presented annually in conjunction with the National Association of Green Funeral Directors, and nominations are received from those involved in funeral service and the general public. Accordingly, anyone can nominate those they believe have provided exceptional service in a number of categories covering all aspects of funeral service. This years event is being held on Saturday 23rd September at the National Conference Centre, Solihull, and further details of the event and how to nominate can be found here Home (

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Proud to Serve

As we continue to work hard to serve the community and the environment, we are humbled to receive thanks from so many people. Our passion is to help and to make a difference at the most difficult time in the lives of those we serve. When we receive thanks it empowers us as we know we have succeeded in this end.

Therefore, when we recently received the following Google review from Nathaniel we were truly honoured.

“Words cannot express how incredible the team are at NBC. They handled my parents burials and services, and from top to bottom were an absolute joy to liaise with, remaining sensitive at all times incredibly personal and supportive. After trusting them with this deeply painful but extremely important life experience, I shall never look back and it almost totally erases the conventional “funeral” companies from all of existence. Once you go the natural way, and with this company, you will never regret it. Best decision I ever made was dialling that phone number. Many thanks to Chris, Nina and the whole team, and of course Awen, the fantastic celebrant who now works independently but can be requested, I advise you to also do the same here. Thank you all beyond words”

Nina, Rachel, Christopher and all of the team at The Natural Burial Company will continue to do everything they can to support the bereaved and the environment, and to help fight funeral poverty. Our reward is helping you, but to Nathaniel and everyone who takes the time to express thanks to us at such a difficult time in their lives, we sincerely thank you in return. It is our honour to serve you.

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Direct Cremations from The Natural Burial Company

Whilst our ethos is to provide natural burials we realise that for many reasons people may require cremation services. We are noticing many are opting for a direct cremation, and then arranging a natural burial for the cremated remains. As such, we believe it appropriate to provide the most environmentally friendly option we can for those who require a direct cremation and then arrange a natural legacy for future generations.

Therefore, we are now able to provide a complete direct cremation with natural interment of cremated remains. Arranged and conducted by our own caring, trusted team. For each cremation we will plant three trees, one on the grave and two others at one of our natural burial grounds.

To help we now have a new website Direct Natural Funerals ( to provide information and to offer direct cremation and direct natural burial services.

As we are dedicated to supporting the environment our direct cremation services must be followed by a natural interment of cremated remains. This interment can be a private event or a full service or celebration of life. Our aim is to provide a truly personal goodbye and provide a beautiful natural memorial and legacy, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

There are many benefits to our direct services.

Cost – Direct services are below that of “traditional” funerals. Direct natural burials cost £1,690 and direct cremations with natural interment of cremated remains (including the planting of three trees) is available from £1,750.

Convenience – Whilst the direct (unattended) cremation is conducted at the earliest opportunity, the interment can then be arranged at a later date convenient for all. For example, a celebration of life could be arranged on a special date or when the weather is warmer. The celebration can include a picnic, music or anything personal to make a truly special goodbye.

Peace of Mind – Many direct services are arranged by web based companies. Our services are all arranged and conducted by our well respected team. We provide exactly the same level of care and service for all of our clients.

Caring for the Environment – Caring for the environment is key to everything that we do. We only use environmentally friendly coffins for all of our direct services. And we plant three trees for each direct cremation conducted.

A Natural Legacy – Trees planted will provide a beautiful legacy that will also help support the environment. All of our burial grounds are managed with a light touch to encourage nature and promote biodiversity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information, we are here to help you.

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A Genuine Personal Goodbye

It is pleasing that so many people are now looking to arrange personal goodbye’s for loved ones. However, this can often be within traditional conventions and time constraints from service providers.

At The Natural Burial Company we believe in providing truly personal burial services to ensure that you say goodbye in the way you want, free from restrictions.

We only conduct one burial service each day. This allows totally flexibility on times and allows the option for a picnic or celebration at the grave side. Our team will remain available to help and support you at all times. Furthermore, these services do not need to be at traditional times and we can arrange burials on weekends, Bank Holidays, and in the evening. Torchlight services have also been conducted during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

The personalisation of the service itself can incorporate all aspects – a traditional motor hearse does not have to be used, and family and friends can act as bearers carrying and lowering the coffin/casket or shroud. The service or celebration can be conducted by a family member or friend rather than a minister of religion or officiant if you prefer. And we can provide a celebrant or simply act as “master of ceremonies” to help.

Our team can help you with putting a service plan together, and we would always recommend that there is an opportunity for those in attendance to share their own memories if they wish. Key is “getting it right”, not acting or speaking in a way that was not in keeping with your loved one. The best goodbye you can ever arrange is one that the deceased would have arranged for themselves.

Dressed Grave

Music also plays a big part in so many peoples lives, so what could be more appropriate than playing favourite or memorable songs, rock, disco, folk, punk, dance, it doesn’t matter. We have quality blue-tooth speakers so can prepare a playlist for you, or simply pass the speaker across for you to operate. Live music can also be played, recently we have had a folk group, guitarists, a flutist and even a harp playing at our burial grounds.

Environmentally friendly coffins, caskets and shrouds can be provided. These can also be decorated with flowers.

Willow Pod Coffin

In summing up, our team work with you to ensure a genuinely personal service. All in keeping with our key ethos of care for the deceased and the environment, whilst keeping our charges as low as possible. We wish to do everything we can to help you to say goodbye in the most appropriate way.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss how we can arrange a personalised goodbye for your loved one, or to pre-prepare your own service for when the time comes. Our team can be contacted at or (0116) 222 0247.

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Caring for the Environment, and Saving Money

We care passionately for the environment and for those in our care.  We also do everything we can to support the bereaved and to eliminate funeral poverty.

It is widely believed that the cost of burial is high.  For municipal cemeteries this can be true, as lack of space and other factors lead to ever spiralling prices.  However green burials are different, and beautiful, natural funerals can be arranged, often for a fraction of the cost.

At The Natural Burial Company we have been looking into burial prices in our local areas and have been surprised by our findings.  A green funeral at a natural burial ground is by far the most environmentally friendly funeral service available. However, as well as helping to care for nature and protect our future, natural burial will also save you money.

So to help you make informed choices we have listed below the prices for each of our burial grounds compared to the local city/town cemetery.  To keep things simple we have compared full burials only.  Although similar comparative savings are available when considering cremated remains burials and memorial options.


At our Scraptoft natural burial ground on the outskirts of Leicester a full burial plot is £770.  The interment fee (gravedigging and administration) is £450.  Therefore, the total cost of a new grave with interment is £1,220.

Compare this to the costs of a lawn grave at Gilroes Cemetery, Leicester of £1,312 for the plot, and interment fees of £752 (total £2,064) for a resident of Leicester.  Fees for non-residents of Leicester are doubled (total £4,128).  A permit to erect a memorial adds a further £200.00

At Scraptoft, as at all of our burial grounds, you can also choose your plot and there are no additional charges, wherever you live.


Our Wrottesley Park natural burial ground close to Wolverhampton has larger overhead costs, hence is slightly more expensive than our other burial grounds.  However, whilst the plot cost of £900 and interment fees of £450 total £1,350 this is much less than the local cemetery at Danescourt.

The exclusive rights for a private plot at Danescourt costs £2,030, interment fees are £1,040 (total £3,070).  For a non-resident of Wolverhampton a 50% surcharge is added, making the total £4,605.  A memorial permit for a headstone adds £150.

There is a natural burial area at Bushbury. Plots here are charged at £1,100 (add 50% surcharge for non-resident), the interment fee of £690 makes the total cost £1,790.

You can purchase a plot in advance, however an additional £150 is added for this.  No charge is made by The Natural Burial Company for choosing and purchasing a plot in advance.


Prestwold Natural Burial Ground near Loughborough was one of the very first natural burial grounds in the midlands, opening in 1999.  A full burial plot is £770 and interment fees £450 (total £1,220).

For a standard burial the local Loughborough cemetery charges £777 for a traditional grave and £523 interment (total £1,300).  A lawn grave option is available for a total for a Loughborough resident of £1,118.  Once the memorial permit cost (£166) is added, this then totals £1,284.  The memorial permit charge is also applicable for traditional graves.

As with many other cemetery authorities though, Loughborough charge additional costs for non-residents of the town.  A resident of Charnwood would need to pay double fees and one who resides outside of Charnwood would pay triple.  There is also no option at present to purchase plots in advance.

We provide this information to help you to make informed choices.  In a world where funeral poverty is real and value for money is so important for all, we believe that everyone should be aware of the options available to them. Everyone can make a real difference to the environment and leave a beautiful, natural legacy for future generations whilst saving money.

Note: All prices sourced from local authority websites July 2021.  If corrections are required please inform us and we will make immediate changes.

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Natural Burial during Covid – Update 14th May 2021

As you may be aware, restrictions on attending funeral and memorial services are being eased from Monday 17th May 2021.  However, some restrictions do remain and we wish to confirm how this will impact upon burial and memorial services at our natural burial grounds.

We have carefully considered how we can maximize the number of people who can arrange a burial service, whilst ensuring that social distancing can be safely adopted at the burial grounds and in our car parks.  Therefore,  we are pleased to announce that from Monday 17th May a total of fifty (50) people may attend full burial services at our natural burial grounds.  This is subject to social distancing being observed and all present abiding by the guidelines in place at the time of the service.

In order to help us prepare for services we request that we are provided with numbers attending in advance of any service if the number attending will exceed 25 people.  This will allow our team to take the appropriate precautions.  Confirmation of regulations and any additional requirements will also be provided to the funeral director or person arranging the burial at the earliest opportunity prior to the service.

With regards to services for cremated remains and memorial events such as tree planting, a maximum of thirty people are able to attend.  Again, we will contact the arranger prior to these services to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the regulations and to ensure the highest levels of safety for those present.

We will endeavor to remove all restrictions on numbers at the earliest legal and practical opportunity.  In the meantime we will work to see if we are able to increase the numbers who may attend services if this can be done safely.  Please accept our assurance that we are dedicated to helping and supporting everyone attending services and visiting our natural burial grounds, whilst doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.

We can, and will, continue to do everything we can to help support the bereaved, encourage nature and ensure biodiversity.  We are here for you at or on (0116) 222 0247.

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Our Commitments

We take great pride in the important role we play in caring for the bereaved and the environment, and are dedicated to doing all we can to help make a positive difference.  Key to much that we do are our core commitments.  We think it would also be beneficial to share these commitments with you:

Care and Support for the Bereaved

We will do whatever we can to help those in time of need.  This includes our personal availability and the services we provide.  We will only conduct one burial a day at each of our burial grounds, ensuring that there are no time constraints on services.  We help support and advise on Family Led Services and DIY funerals.  We can also provide shelters, chairs, a quality blue tooth speaker and refreshments (when Covid regulations allow) to ensure that a final goodbye is everything that it should be.

Personalised services can be arranged and themed funerals, picnics and evening torch-lit services have all been conducted.  Grave plots can be chosen and a complete range of memorials is available, including trees and nature homes to ensure a natural legacy for future generations.

Care for the Environment

Caring for the environment is one of the biggest challenges we all face today.  As such, our burial grounds are developed and managed to encourage nature and make a positive difference to the environment.  Natural burial is so much more environmentally friendly than cremation and traditional burial, and helps ensure beautiful, natural areas for the future.

Trees are essential to the balance of nature and play an enormous role in removing damaging particles from the air, helping flood control, supporting many life forms and providing a calming and positive place to visit.  Promoting bio-diversity also ensures habitats for so many forms of life, essential to our planet.

We will care and develop our burial grounds with a light touch to allow nature to thrive, with the associated benefits for us all.  And, within time, all of our burial grounds will be left to nature as woodlands and meadows for the benefit of all.

Fighting Funeral Poverty

We understand that funeral poverty is very real for so many people.  Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that our prices are low, ensuring burial services and memorials are available for much lower costs than many traditional cemeteries.

We can help and support simple family led services to minimise costs at what is already a difficult and stressful time.  And are available to advise how other costs can be reduced.

Our Direct Natural Burial Service also allows a simple, cost effective burial, with all of the advantages of direct cremation.  Whilst also supporting the environment and ensuring a beautiful place to visit and remember.

Helping Future Planning

An increasing number of people are looking to plan, and in some cases pay for, their funeral service.  This allows peace of mind and removes the financial burden and/or the worry of making the wrong decisions for those left behind.  Future planning also ensures that any special requests you have are not forgotten.  This could be personalisation of a service with a theme, alternative transport (a VW Camper or Horse Drawn Hearse for example), or music.  Alternatively putting “money behind the bar” for family and friends to enjoy a toast and share memories of good times.

Burial plots can be chosen and paid for in advance (at today’s price) and we can help you to prepare documents detailing personal wishes.  Many people find that this process is not morbid, rather is a positive and enlightening experience.  And the plans for your final goodbye can be amended as you find new music or enjoy new hobbies.

Our team are here for you and for the environment.  If we can help in any way, or if you would like further information regarding our commitments and services, you are welcome to contact us on (0116) 222 0247 or by email

Beautiful Daffodils

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Natural Burial Inspiration – Awen Clement

Very personal, beautiful, words from our friend and colleague Awen Clement.  Inspired by Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground.


When my human days are done

Let gentle hands wrap my body in love and cloth

Let loving arms carry me to the forest at dusk and as the birds sing their end of day lament to the sun

Lay me down in the sweet earth, tuck me in with the earthworms while stars fall and the old oaks look on


Awen Clement

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Dispelling the Myths

We have received contact from a number of people worried regarding the availability of burial services during lockdown.  Therefore, we thought it best to put minds at rest and clarify that we continue to provide a full service to all:

Natural Burials are continuing.  There is no stipulation that those with covid must be cremated. We are available for you, whenever you need us.

The attendance limit at full burial services is currently 30 people.

We can arrange Direct Natural Burials for those who require a simple, low-cost service.  Direct Natural Burial has great advantages over direct cremation as you are supporting the environment and have a beautiful, natural place to visit and remember in the future.

We remain available to conduct burials at weekends and outside of traditional hours.

There is no time-limit on the length of the burial service.  What matters are your wishes to provide an appropriate goodbye for your loved one.

You can also arrange burials of cremated remains.  The attendance limit is currently 6 people.

All of our burial grounds remain open to visitors.

You can pre-purchase burial plots.  The plot is purchased at today’s price.  Many people are finding this a comfort during these most difficult of times.

We are available by Zoom and WhatsApp as well as phone and email.

Remember, you are welcome to contact us at any time.  We are here to advise, help and support everyone.

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A Woodland Legacy

It is now acknowledged that continued damage to the environment is a major threat to our planet.  As such, it’s encouraging to see so many people adapting their lifestyle and making changes, large and small, to help protect our future.

Trees can play a large part in ensuring positive change. Described as the ultimate carbon capture and storage machines, it is estimated that a young wood with mixed native species can lock up over 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare in trees, roots and soil.  They also encourage and support many other diverse forms of life, all of which contribute to our wonderful world.

Natural Burial allows the perfect environmentally friendly legacy as a native tree can be planted on graves, ensuring new life in nature, and environmental benefits.

Trees can also be planted at our burial grounds for interments of cremated remains and even as a memorial for someone who is buried, or was cremated, elsewhere.  What is important is that for generations a magnificent tree will be a beautiful, living memorial.

The planting can be conducted by members of the family, allowing a very personal way to say a goodbye to a loved one whilst encouraging new life.

Our burial grounds will in time be left to nature as mature woodlands and meadows for future generations to visit, remember and benefit from a healthier environment and all that the great outdoors has to offer.

As a visitor recently said to me “When I die I want to be a tree.  What a perfect legacy to leave for future generations”


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