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A Woodland Legacy

It is now acknowledged that continued damage to the environment is a major threat to our planet.  As such, it’s encouraging to see so many people adapting their lifestyle and making changes, large and small, to help protect our future.

Trees can play a large part in ensuring positive change. Described as the ultimate carbon capture and storage machines, it is estimated that a young wood with mixed native species can lock up over 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare in trees, roots and soil.  They also encourage and support many other diverse forms of life, all of which contribute to our wonderful world.

Natural Burial allows the perfect environmentally friendly legacy as a native tree can be planted on graves, ensuring new life in nature, and environmental benefits.

Trees can also be planted at our burial grounds for interments of cremated remains and even as a memorial for someone who is buried, or was cremated, elsewhere.  What is important is that for generations a magnificent tree will be a beautiful, living memorial.

The planting can be conducted by members of the family, allowing a very personal way to say a goodbye to a loved one whilst encouraging new life.

Our burial grounds will in time be left to nature as mature woodlands and meadows for future generations to visit, remember and benefit from a healthier environment and all that the great outdoors has to offer.

As a visitor recently said to me “When I die I want to be a tree.  What a perfect legacy to leave for future generations”


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