Answering your questions

We understand that whilst the vast majority wish to care for the environment, many have little knowledge of green funerals and woodland burial.  So to help, here are the answers to some of the questions we have recently been asked:

Is natural burial better for the environment? – Yes, cremation requires large quantities of fuel and releases pollutants into the environment.  Modern filtration is improving this, but issues remain.  Furthermore for natural burial, shrouds or environmentally friendly coffins are used, the grave is dug by hand and trees are planted to enhance the environment.

Is green burial more expensive? – No, plots in our burial grounds are lower than most traditional cemeteries.  Having a direct burial further reduces costs.  You genuinely can help protect the environment and save money.

Where is my local natural burial ground?  – We currently have natural burial grounds at Prestwold near Loughborough, Scraptoft near Leicester and Wrottesley Park near Wolverhampton.  Anyone can be buried at our natural burial grounds and there are no additional fees for those who live away from the area.

Are there time constraints for a green funeral service?  – We do not limit times for burials.  Services can be booked at any time, on any day, and we only have one service each day so your time is not limited.  Picnics can be held around the graveside and music played.

Can we book a plot in advance? – Yes, all plots can be personally selected and paid for in advance.

Can we bury or scatter ashes? – Yes, you can choose a plot for burial of ashes.  We also have dedicated scattering areas.

My loved one was buried elsewhere, can I have a memorial at the natural burial ground?  – Yes we have memorial woodland areas at each natural burial ground.  You may also have a plaque if you wish.

Can I leave instructions for my wish to have a natural burial? – Yes, we can help you with this.  Planning in advance provides peace of mind for those left behind and ensures that the service is exactly as you wish.  Please contact us if you require any advice or support.

Are environmentally friendly coffins expensive and are there many options? – Most funeral directors now have an extensive selection of coffins suitable for natural burial.  Cardboard, Bamboo, Wicker, Banana and Pandanus are just some of the options available.  Cardboard and Bamboo coffins and caskets are in the main a similar cost to standard traditional coffins.  Some of the hand woven Wicker coffins can be more expensive, this is due to the time and materials used to craft.  If you are having trouble sourcing a coffin or casket, or require advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hopefully the above may answer some of the questions you may have.  There is also further information and an FAQ sheet on our website.  You can also phone or email us at any time.

We believe passionately about caring for the environment and the bereaved.  Helping you to make the right decisions is an extremely important aspect of this.


Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park