Celebrating Nature

At The Natural Burial Company we continually marvel at our beautiful countryside.  Green burial encourages nature and we allow our meadows and all areas to grow throughout the summer.  This ensures that all forms of life are able to flourish, maintaining the wonderful natural balance.

You will find beautiful floral meadows and quiet, seemingly overgrown, areas at each of our burial grounds.  This helps so many forms of life throughout spring and summer.  The bees, butterflies and birds are apparent in abundance, although there is also so much more.

We ensure that access paths are regularly mown to allow access to all areas.  However, other than this we ensure only a light touch approach so as not to disturb the environmental balance.  In the autumn we will conduct a cut to help ensure new life for the following year.  We will also seed as appropriate to help make the area ever more beautiful in the future.

It is always our intention to celebrate nature, whilst ensuring a beautiful, tranquil place to visit and remember.  Together, making a wonderful, peaceful difference.


Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park