Challenging the Cost of Funerals

The Sun Life Cost of Dying Report for 2023 has now been published. This much respected annual report provides a comprehensive view of funeral costs and attitudes across the country.

This report provides extremely interesting information regarding funeral costs, including breaking down prices into categories and regional variations.

The Natural Burial Company is dedicated to supporting the bereaved, an aspect of this is ensuring that our services are well priced. We always try to ensure fair pricing, and strive to ensure personal, caring services to provide exceptional value for money. Therefore, we have taken the opportunity to study the latest Sun Life report and compare our prices against the published findings.

The average cost of a funeral service in the East and West Midlands is quoted as £3,892. It is noted that 1 in 4 people who arranged a funeral were surprised by the cost. Burial is on average more expensive than cremation with the average cost of a burial being £4,794.

Comparing The Natural Burial Company prices against the above the difference in cost and value is clear.

A full “Family Led” burial service arranged by The Natural Burial Company at our Prestwold or Scraptoft Natural Burial Grounds with a Cardboard Coffin would be £2,700. The same service at Wrottesley Park would be £2,870 – This represents a saving of £2,094 at Prestwold or Scraptoft, and £1,924 at Wrottesley Park against the quoted average price.

Even with a Willow Eco Coffin these prices only rise to £2,940 at Prestwold and Scraptoft, and £3,110 at Wrottesley Park.

These Natural Burial Company prices are for a complete burial service, with a new grave. Furthermore, only one burial is arranged a day so there are not the time constraints experienced at most crematoria and cemeteries. Further details regarding our burial services are available here Full Natural Burial – Direct Natural Funerals (

The Sun Life reports also discusses the continued popularity of Direct Cremation services. The cost of such services can vary greatly, with some internet providers offering a service for less than £1,000. Accordingly the average cost is so much lower than standard cremations and burials, at £1,511.

The Natural Burial Company now offer a similar service. Although we believe it important to provide our own very personal level of service, support and care, even in these most simple of arrangements. We also include Interment of the Cremated Remains at one of our Natural Burial Grounds in the price of our Direct Cremations. Furthermore, as cremation is not as environmentally friendly as natural burial we will plant 3 trees for each Direct Cremation we conduct. Accordingly, whilst our costs are higher than the average at £1,750 for a Direct Cremation with Unattended Interment at a Natural Burial Ground, and £1,980 including a full Cremated Remains Interment Service or Celebration of Life. Again, we believe that this provides exceptional value when compared to the average price which is for a Direct Cremation only. Further details regarding these services are available here Direct Cremation – Direct Natural Funerals (

The Natural Burial Company also believe in offering a Direct Natural Burial service for those who require the simplicity of an unattended service, whilst having a burial rather than cremation. The cost of this service is £1,740 and further details are available here Direct Natural Burial – Direct Natural Funerals (

Of course, you may wish to use the services of your own family funeral director. We work with all funeral directors and will make the arrangements to meet your needs. Even in such a case you will find great savings when comparing plot and interment prices to the local council cemetery.

*Loughborough Cemetery charge £1,430 for the purchase of a Traditional Grave and Interment for an adult, or £1,230 for a Lawn Grave and Interment. Whilst these prices appear reasonable, they are doubled for non-residents of Loughborough and tripled for those who live outside of Charnwood. The cost of a full grave plot and interment fee at Prestwold Natural Burial Ground is £1,250.

At Gilroes Cemetery in Leicester the charges are £3,360 for a Traditional Grave and Interment for an adult, or £2,170 for a Lawn Grave. Again, charges are doubled for non-residents. The cost of a full grave plot and interment fee at Scraptoft Natural Burial Ground is £1,250.

At Danescourt Cemetery in Wolverhampton the charges for the above is £3,110, a 50% surcharge is also added for non-residents. The cost at Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground is £1,420.

Furthermore, The Natural Burial Company do not charge any additional fees for those living away from the area. Not only this, all plots may be personally selected and paid for in advance at todays price. Finally, it is worth remembering that a natural burial helps support the environment, provides a beautiful natural legacy, and ensures a tranquil, peaceful place for visitors to visit and remember.

For further information or to arrange to visit one of our natural burial grounds please call (0116) 222 0247 or email

Further information regarding the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2023 are available here

*All prices correct on 18th January 2023

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