Christmas and New Year Remembrance

In common with previous years, we will be relaxing our regulations throughout the festive period to allow tasteful, personalisation of graves using natural materials.

Between Sunday 10th December 2023 and Monday 8th January 2024, graves may be decorated, subject to items being appropriate to a natural burial ground and respectful to all within our care.

Please do not place items of sentimental or financial value on graves as The Natural Burial Company cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost items.

After 8th January 2024 any items remaining will be removed.  Therefore, please remove items from the grave before this date if you wish to keep them for future use.

Thank you for your help in maintaining the natural and environmental integrity of the natural burial ground.

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Proud to Serve

As we continue to work hard to serve the community and the environment, we are humbled to receive thanks from so many people. Our passion is to help and to make a difference at the most difficult time in the lives of those we serve. When we receive thanks it empowers us as we know we have succeeded in this end.

Therefore, when we recently received the following Google review from Nathaniel we were truly honoured.

“Words cannot express how incredible the team are at NBC. They handled my parents burials and services, and from top to bottom were an absolute joy to liaise with, remaining sensitive at all times incredibly personal and supportive. After trusting them with this deeply painful but extremely important life experience, I shall never look back and it almost totally erases the conventional “funeral” companies from all of existence. Once you go the natural way, and with this company, you will never regret it. Best decision I ever made was dialling that phone number. Many thanks to Chris, Nina and the whole team, and of course Awen, the fantastic celebrant who now works independently but can be requested, I advise you to also do the same here. Thank you all beyond words”

Nina, Rachel, Christopher and all of the team at The Natural Burial Company will continue to do everything they can to support the bereaved and the environment, and to help fight funeral poverty. Our reward is helping you, but to Nathaniel and everyone who takes the time to express thanks to us at such a difficult time in their lives, we sincerely thank you in return. It is our honour to serve you.

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Our New Natural Burial Ground, The Orchards at Prestwold

We are pleased to announce that our new natural burial ground, The Orchards at Prestwold, is now available for full burials and interments of cremated remains. Situated close to Loughborough, the natural burial ground is easily accessible from Charnwood, Leicester, Nottingham and throughout the Midlands. In fact, as there are no additional fees for non-residents anyone can purchase a plot at The Orchards.

This new natural burial ground is being lovingly developed to ensure a beautiful resting place, ensuring a natural legacy for those in its care, and a tranquil place to visit and remember. All burials will be conducted ensuring care for the environment, nature and biodiversity.

Trees are currently being planted to encourage wildlife and a sensory area is also being developed for nature and visitors alike. Burial plots may be selected in advance, and a tree planted for a natural legacy. Alternatively, meadow plots can also be chosen, ensuring beautiful views of the countryside.

The Orchards will ensure sufficient space is available for natural burial for decades to come, allowing plots to be selected and paid for many years in advance.

Full services can also be conducted at The Orchards, with Shelters, Chairs and music provided. The Natural Burial Company can also supply refreshments if required, or you can bring your own picnic to celebrate the life of your loved one. Only one service is conducted a day, so there are no time constraints.

For further information, or to arrange to visit The Orchards, please email info@thenaturalburialcompany or telephone us on (0116) 222 0247.

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Challenging the Cost of Funerals

The Sun Life Cost of Dying Report for 2023 has now been published. This much respected annual report provides a comprehensive view of funeral costs and attitudes across the country.

This report provides extremely interesting information regarding funeral costs, including breaking down prices into categories and regional variations.

The Natural Burial Company is dedicated to supporting the bereaved, an aspect of this is ensuring that our services are well priced. We always try to ensure fair pricing, and strive to ensure personal, caring services to provide exceptional value for money. Therefore, we have taken the opportunity to study the latest Sun Life report and compare our prices against the published findings.

The average cost of a funeral service in the East and West Midlands is quoted as £3,892. It is noted that 1 in 4 people who arranged a funeral were surprised by the cost. Burial is on average more expensive than cremation with the average cost of a burial being £4,794.

Comparing The Natural Burial Company prices against the above the difference in cost and value is clear.

A full “Family Led” burial service arranged by The Natural Burial Company at our Prestwold or Scraptoft Natural Burial Grounds with a Cardboard Coffin would be £2,700. The same service at Wrottesley Park would be £2,870 – This represents a saving of £2,094 at Prestwold or Scraptoft, and £1,924 at Wrottesley Park against the quoted average price.

Even with a Willow Eco Coffin these prices only rise to £2,940 at Prestwold and Scraptoft, and £3,110 at Wrottesley Park.

These Natural Burial Company prices are for a complete burial service, with a new grave. Furthermore, only one burial is arranged a day so there are not the time constraints experienced at most crematoria and cemeteries. Further details regarding our burial services are available here Full Natural Burial – Direct Natural Funerals (

The Sun Life reports also discusses the continued popularity of Direct Cremation services. The cost of such services can vary greatly, with some internet providers offering a service for less than £1,000. Accordingly the average cost is so much lower than standard cremations and burials, at £1,511.

The Natural Burial Company now offer a similar service. Although we believe it important to provide our own very personal level of service, support and care, even in these most simple of arrangements. We also include Interment of the Cremated Remains at one of our Natural Burial Grounds in the price of our Direct Cremations. Furthermore, as cremation is not as environmentally friendly as natural burial we will plant 3 trees for each Direct Cremation we conduct. Accordingly, whilst our costs are higher than the average at £1,750 for a Direct Cremation with Unattended Interment at a Natural Burial Ground, and £1,980 including a full Cremated Remains Interment Service or Celebration of Life. Again, we believe that this provides exceptional value when compared to the average price which is for a Direct Cremation only. Further details regarding these services are available here Direct Cremation – Direct Natural Funerals (

The Natural Burial Company also believe in offering a Direct Natural Burial service for those who require the simplicity of an unattended service, whilst having a burial rather than cremation. The cost of this service is £1,740 and further details are available here Direct Natural Burial – Direct Natural Funerals (

Of course, you may wish to use the services of your own family funeral director. We work with all funeral directors and will make the arrangements to meet your needs. Even in such a case you will find great savings when comparing plot and interment prices to the local council cemetery.

*Loughborough Cemetery charge £1,430 for the purchase of a Traditional Grave and Interment for an adult, or £1,230 for a Lawn Grave and Interment. Whilst these prices appear reasonable, they are doubled for non-residents of Loughborough and tripled for those who live outside of Charnwood. The cost of a full grave plot and interment fee at Prestwold Natural Burial Ground is £1,250.

At Gilroes Cemetery in Leicester the charges are £3,360 for a Traditional Grave and Interment for an adult, or £2,170 for a Lawn Grave. Again, charges are doubled for non-residents. The cost of a full grave plot and interment fee at Scraptoft Natural Burial Ground is £1,250.

At Danescourt Cemetery in Wolverhampton the charges for the above is £3,110, a 50% surcharge is also added for non-residents. The cost at Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground is £1,420.

Furthermore, The Natural Burial Company do not charge any additional fees for those living away from the area. Not only this, all plots may be personally selected and paid for in advance at todays price. Finally, it is worth remembering that a natural burial helps support the environment, provides a beautiful natural legacy, and ensures a tranquil, peaceful place for visitors to visit and remember.

For further information or to arrange to visit one of our natural burial grounds please call (0116) 222 0247 or email

Further information regarding the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2023 are available here

*All prices correct on 18th January 2023

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Direct Cremations from The Natural Burial Company

Whilst our ethos is to provide natural burials we realise that for many reasons people may require cremation services. We are noticing many are opting for a direct cremation, and then arranging a natural burial for the cremated remains. As such, we believe it appropriate to provide the most environmentally friendly option we can for those who require a direct cremation and then arrange a natural legacy for future generations.

Therefore, we are now able to provide a complete direct cremation with natural interment of cremated remains. Arranged and conducted by our own caring, trusted team. For each cremation we will plant three trees, one on the grave and two others at one of our natural burial grounds.

To help we now have a new website Direct Natural Funerals ( to provide information and to offer direct cremation and direct natural burial services.

As we are dedicated to supporting the environment our direct cremation services must be followed by a natural interment of cremated remains. This interment can be a private event or a full service or celebration of life. Our aim is to provide a truly personal goodbye and provide a beautiful natural memorial and legacy, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

There are many benefits to our direct services.

Cost – Direct services are below that of “traditional” funerals. Direct natural burials cost £1,690 and direct cremations with natural interment of cremated remains (including the planting of three trees) is available from £1,750.

Convenience – Whilst the direct (unattended) cremation is conducted at the earliest opportunity, the interment can then be arranged at a later date convenient for all. For example, a celebration of life could be arranged on a special date or when the weather is warmer. The celebration can include a picnic, music or anything personal to make a truly special goodbye.

Peace of Mind – Many direct services are arranged by web based companies. Our services are all arranged and conducted by our well respected team. We provide exactly the same level of care and service for all of our clients.

Caring for the Environment – Caring for the environment is key to everything that we do. We only use environmentally friendly coffins for all of our direct services. And we plant three trees for each direct cremation conducted.

A Natural Legacy – Trees planted will provide a beautiful legacy that will also help support the environment. All of our burial grounds are managed with a light touch to encourage nature and promote biodiversity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information, we are here to help you.

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The Good Funeral Awards 2022

We are very proud to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist at The Good Funeral Awards, hosted by the Association of Green Funeral Directors.

This year’s nomination follows on from our Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground being awarded Burial Ground of the Year at the 2021 event. A key member of our team, Awen Clement, was also awarded the Minister of the Year (any religion) award at the same event. In 2019 we were awarded winner of Best Bereavement Awareness Event for our Prestwold Hall Bereavement Awareness Day. Our Prestwold Natural Burial Ground was also a finalist in the Burial Ground of the Year at the same awards.

This year we have been further honoured as our Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground has again been nominated as a finalist for Burial Ground of the Year. Furthermore, our Gravedigger at Wrottesley Park, Paul Hallam, has been selected as a finalist for Gravedigger of the Year.

We are passionate about caring for the bereaved and the environment. Duties that we are proud to conduct. And whilst we work to help make a difference, and not for awards, we are all honoured and humbled to continue to receive such prestigious nominations.

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A Genuine Personal Goodbye

It is pleasing that so many people are now looking to arrange personal goodbye’s for loved ones. However, this can often be within traditional conventions and time constraints from service providers.

At The Natural Burial Company we believe in providing truly personal burial services to ensure that you say goodbye in the way you want, free from restrictions.

We only conduct one burial service each day. This allows totally flexibility on times and allows the option for a picnic or celebration at the grave side. Our team will remain available to help and support you at all times. Furthermore, these services do not need to be at traditional times and we can arrange burials on weekends, Bank Holidays, and in the evening. Torchlight services have also been conducted during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

The personalisation of the service itself can incorporate all aspects – a traditional motor hearse does not have to be used, and family and friends can act as bearers carrying and lowering the coffin/casket or shroud. The service or celebration can be conducted by a family member or friend rather than a minister of religion or officiant if you prefer. And we can provide a celebrant or simply act as “master of ceremonies” to help.

Our team can help you with putting a service plan together, and we would always recommend that there is an opportunity for those in attendance to share their own memories if they wish. Key is “getting it right”, not acting or speaking in a way that was not in keeping with your loved one. The best goodbye you can ever arrange is one that the deceased would have arranged for themselves.

Dressed Grave

Music also plays a big part in so many peoples lives, so what could be more appropriate than playing favourite or memorable songs, rock, disco, folk, punk, dance, it doesn’t matter. We have quality blue-tooth speakers so can prepare a playlist for you, or simply pass the speaker across for you to operate. Live music can also be played, recently we have had a folk group, guitarists, a flutist and even a harp playing at our burial grounds.

Environmentally friendly coffins, caskets and shrouds can be provided. These can also be decorated with flowers.

Willow Pod Coffin

In summing up, our team work with you to ensure a genuinely personal service. All in keeping with our key ethos of care for the deceased and the environment, whilst keeping our charges as low as possible. We wish to do everything we can to help you to say goodbye in the most appropriate way.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss how we can arrange a personalised goodbye for your loved one, or to pre-prepare your own service for when the time comes. Our team can be contacted at or (0116) 222 0247.

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Caring for the Environment, and Saving Money

We care passionately for the environment and for those in our care.  We also do everything we can to support the bereaved and to eliminate funeral poverty.

It is widely believed that the cost of burial is high.  For municipal cemeteries this can be true, as lack of space and other factors lead to ever spiralling prices.  However green burials are different, and beautiful, natural funerals can be arranged, often for a fraction of the cost.

At The Natural Burial Company we have been looking into burial prices in our local areas and have been surprised by our findings.  A green funeral at a natural burial ground is by far the most environmentally friendly funeral service available. However, as well as helping to care for nature and protect our future, natural burial will also save you money.

So to help you make informed choices we have listed below the prices for each of our burial grounds compared to the local city/town cemetery.  To keep things simple we have compared full burials only.  Although similar comparative savings are available when considering cremated remains burials and memorial options.


At our Scraptoft natural burial ground on the outskirts of Leicester a full burial plot is £770.  The interment fee (gravedigging and administration) is £450.  Therefore, the total cost of a new grave with interment is £1,220.

Compare this to the costs of a lawn grave at Gilroes Cemetery, Leicester of £1,312 for the plot, and interment fees of £752 (total £2,064) for a resident of Leicester.  Fees for non-residents of Leicester are doubled (total £4,128).  A permit to erect a memorial adds a further £200.00

At Scraptoft, as at all of our burial grounds, you can also choose your plot and there are no additional charges, wherever you live.


Our Wrottesley Park natural burial ground close to Wolverhampton has larger overhead costs, hence is slightly more expensive than our other burial grounds.  However, whilst the plot cost of £900 and interment fees of £450 total £1,350 this is much less than the local cemetery at Danescourt.

The exclusive rights for a private plot at Danescourt costs £2,030, interment fees are £1,040 (total £3,070).  For a non-resident of Wolverhampton a 50% surcharge is added, making the total £4,605.  A memorial permit for a headstone adds £150.

There is a natural burial area at Bushbury. Plots here are charged at £1,100 (add 50% surcharge for non-resident), the interment fee of £690 makes the total cost £1,790.

You can purchase a plot in advance, however an additional £150 is added for this.  No charge is made by The Natural Burial Company for choosing and purchasing a plot in advance.


Prestwold Natural Burial Ground near Loughborough was one of the very first natural burial grounds in the midlands, opening in 1999.  A full burial plot is £770 and interment fees £450 (total £1,220).

For a standard burial the local Loughborough cemetery charges £777 for a traditional grave and £523 interment (total £1,300).  A lawn grave option is available for a total for a Loughborough resident of £1,118.  Once the memorial permit cost (£166) is added, this then totals £1,284.  The memorial permit charge is also applicable for traditional graves.

As with many other cemetery authorities though, Loughborough charge additional costs for non-residents of the town.  A resident of Charnwood would need to pay double fees and one who resides outside of Charnwood would pay triple.  There is also no option at present to purchase plots in advance.

We provide this information to help you to make informed choices.  In a world where funeral poverty is real and value for money is so important for all, we believe that everyone should be aware of the options available to them. Everyone can make a real difference to the environment and leave a beautiful, natural legacy for future generations whilst saving money.

Note: All prices sourced from local authority websites July 2021.  If corrections are required please inform us and we will make immediate changes.

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Celebrating Life in Nature

“Life is a celebration.  All of it.  Even it’s end” – Joanne Harris.

Every person is unique in their life, in their likes and dislikes, In their work and their way of being.  That uniqueness doesn’t die when the person does.  So when we are thinking about a funeral service we would want to honour and celebrate that uniqueness.

Here at the Natural Burial Company we tend to refer to our funeral services as “celebrations of life”, because most often, that is exactly what they are.  That is not to say that there is not sadness and grief about the loss of the person that has been so loved.  But that those who loved them wish to celebrate and honour the life they had and the person they were.

You might think that having a funeral in the middle of the countryside would limit your options, but far from it.  We have facilitated all sorts of wonderful and unique personal celebrations and services.  Below are just a few to inspire you and show that so much is possible.

Using a funeral vehicles that reflects a person’s interest or life memories, such as a Morris Minor, VW Camper or Motorcycle Hearse.

Live music – We have recently had a violinist, a harpist and even a folk band play at services.  Recorded music, via blue-tooth speakers is also available.

Picnics and Prosecco – During the summer months in particular, we often have families taking a picnic at the end of the service.  This allows time to sit, talk and remember, close to a loved one.  We only have one service a day so you have time to remember and honour your loved one.

A Special Toast – We have been privileged to support families to serve a tot of a loved ones favorite tipple as a graveside toast.  A share of Whisky Mac went down well on a cold day!

Candlelit Memories at Dusk – We are available to support a candlelit service to support you to celebrate your loved one at a unique time of day also.  It’s quite magical under the trees by candlelight.

There are, of course, other details that can be made more personal.  For example your choice of shroud, coffin or casket.  There are so many possibilities in terms of colour, materials, patterns and designs.

Willow Pod Coffin

You may prefer not to have any form of officiant, minister or celebrant to lead the service. Instead you may wish for family and friends to say personal farewells.  We can help with this if you wish, or can recommend someone for you.

Finally, there are ways to to personally honour and celebrate the person after the service is over.  By choosing a tree, a special message on a slate memorial plaque, the installation of a personalised bench or the installation of a home for nature – birds, bees, hedgehogs, insects or bats.

This is really only a snapshot of what is possible when celebrating someone’s life with us at The Natural Burial Company.  We believe that how we say goodbye truly matters and should never be a one size fits all service.  The only limit is what you can imagine, if we can help to make it happen we will.

Do be in touch with us to discuss your ideas to celebrate the life of your loved one.  Or indeed yourself if you wished to leave instructions as to how you wish for your life to be celebrated when the time comes.

Beautiful Daffodils


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A Meaningful Goodbye

During these challenging times it saddens us to hear that because of restrictions many people are unable to say goodbye to a loved one in the way they wish.  Green burial is different as everything we do is aimed at providing a personal  and caring service, free of time constraints and with the minimum of restrictions.

At The Natural Burial Company we have always been proud of the personal service we can offer.  Whilst we believe that this is always essential, during the coronavirus pandemic this is even more important.

Funeral services can be arranged on any day and at any time.  We also only have one service on each day at our burial grounds – this means that you can have as long as you want to say goodbye in the way that is right and appropriate.  Music can be played and many families have also chosen to raise a toast and/or have a picnic around the grave.  This allows time to think and talk about your loved one, and to catch up with family who you may not have been able to see for many weeks.  We can supply freshly cleaned picnic blankets and can mark areas to ensure that everyone confirms to social distancing.  We can also accommodate up to 20 people attending, and will ensure that sufficient car parking and waiting areas are available to keep everyone safe.

We provide services for cremated remains as well as full burials.  So if your loved one had a direct cremation you can still conduct a full, meaningful service for them.

Natural burial provides all of this, whilst also ensuring you are caring for the environment and saving money against traditional burials.  There will also be a beautiful place to visit and pay your respects in the future.  And a wonderful, natural legacy for future generations.

Prestwold in Spring

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