Celebrating Life in Nature

“Life is a celebration.  All of it.  Even it’s end” – Joanne Harris.

Every person is unique in their life, in their likes and dislikes, In their work and their way of being.  That uniqueness doesn’t die when the person does.  So when we are thinking about a funeral service we would want to honour and celebrate that uniqueness.

Here at the Natural Burial Company we tend to refer to our funeral services as “celebrations of life”, because most often, that is exactly what they are.  That is not to say that there is not sadness and grief about the loss of the person that has been so loved.  But that those who loved them wish to celebrate and honour the life they had and the person they were.

You might think that having a funeral in the middle of the countryside would limit your options, but far from it.  We have facilitated all sorts of wonderful and unique personal celebrations and services.  Below are just a few to inspire you and show that so much is possible.

Using a funeral vehicles that reflects a person’s interest or life memories, such as a Morris Minor, VW Camper or Motorcycle Hearse.

Live music – We have recently had a violinist, a harpist and even a folk band play at services.  Recorded music, via blue-tooth speakers is also available.

Picnics and Prosecco – During the summer months in particular, we often have families taking a picnic at the end of the service.  This allows time to sit, talk and remember, close to a loved one.  We only have one service a day so you have time to remember and honour your loved one.

A Special Toast – We have been privileged to support families to serve a tot of a loved ones favorite tipple as a graveside toast.  A share of Whisky Mac went down well on a cold day!

Candlelit Memories at Dusk – We are available to support a candlelit service to support you to celebrate your loved one at a unique time of day also.  It’s quite magical under the trees by candlelight.

There are, of course, other details that can be made more personal.  For example your choice of shroud, coffin or casket.  There are so many possibilities in terms of colour, materials, patterns and designs.

Willow Pod Coffin

You may prefer not to have any form of officiant, minister or celebrant to lead the service. Instead you may wish for family and friends to say personal farewells.  We can help with this if you wish, or can recommend someone for you.

Finally, there are ways to to personally honour and celebrate the person after the service is over.  By choosing a tree, a special message on a slate memorial plaque, the installation of a personalised bench or the installation of a home for nature – birds, bees, hedgehogs, insects or bats.

This is really only a snapshot of what is possible when celebrating someone’s life with us at The Natural Burial Company.  We believe that how we say goodbye truly matters and should never be a one size fits all service.  The only limit is what you can imagine, if we can help to make it happen we will.

Do be in touch with us to discuss your ideas to celebrate the life of your loved one.  Or indeed yourself if you wished to leave instructions as to how you wish for your life to be celebrated when the time comes.

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