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As we continue to work hard to serve the community and the environment, we are humbled to receive thanks from so many people. Our passion is to help and to make a difference at the most difficult time in the lives of those we serve. When we receive thanks it empowers us as we know we have succeeded in this end.

Therefore, when we recently received the following Google review from Nathaniel we were truly honoured.

“Words cannot express how incredible the team are at NBC. They handled my parents burials and services, and from top to bottom were an absolute joy to liaise with, remaining sensitive at all times incredibly personal and supportive. After trusting them with this deeply painful but extremely important life experience, I shall never look back and it almost totally erases the conventional “funeral” companies from all of existence. Once you go the natural way, and with this company, you will never regret it. Best decision I ever made was dialling that phone number. Many thanks to Chris, Nina and the whole team, and of course Awen, the fantastic celebrant who now works independently but can be requested, I advise you to also do the same here. Thank you all beyond words”

Nina, Rachel, Christopher and all of the team at The Natural Burial Company will continue to do everything they can to support the bereaved and the environment, and to help fight funeral poverty. Our reward is helping you, but to Nathaniel and everyone who takes the time to express thanks to us at such a difficult time in their lives, we sincerely thank you in return. It is our honour to serve you.

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