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Greener World, Greener Funerals

So many people have noticed the environmental changes since the lockdown restrictions have been in place.  The air is cleaner, nature is thriving.  We seem to have a greener world.

As we move out of special measures and the world becomes a safer place again, we all have an opportunity to help also make it a better place.  People are talking about making less car and plane journeys, planting trees and making gardens more nature friendly. Thinking how we can all help the planet and the wildlife we share it with.

Our care for the environment in life can continue in death.  Natural Burial offers everyone the opportunity to continue care by reducing the carbon footprint of their funeral service and leaving a beautiful natural legacy.  A greener funeral for a greener world.

We understand that for religious or cultural reasons people will continue to choose cremation.  However, the cremated remains can still be buried at a natural burial ground.  And a memorial tree will not only be a beautiful natural legacy.  You will also know that you are making a positive difference to the environment.  Of course, family, friends and future generations will also have somewhere beautiful to visit and remember.

It is a fact that Natural Burial is far more environmentally friendly than cremation or traditional burial.  Opting for a Natural Burial makes a difference in itself.  But what more can be done to ensure a greener funeral?

An environmentally friendly coffin, casket or shroud is very important. Many traditional coffins have plastic handles and are made using chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.  There are now many alternatives to these coffins.  An online search will help you find cardboard, bamboo, willow and other coffins, as well as natural shrouds.  Your funeral director should be able to offer a range of options for you.  And even if you would like a traditional coffin, you can still have wooden or rope handles.

On occasions embalming (or as it is sometimes called Hygienic Treatment) is essential to care for someone after death.  However, this is not always the case and you may wish to discuss this with your funeral director.  Many embalming chemicals are bad for the environment.

Electric hearses are now available and becoming more common.  Again, don’t be afraid to ask your funeral director if they have, or have access to, such a vehicle.  Electric private ambulances are now also available for collecting the deceased from home or hospital.

Many funeral directors also have an environmental policy and look to help ensure a greener funeral in many other ways.  If you are unsure of a particular company look at their website or make a telephone call.  The vast majority of funeral directors are dedicated, caring professionals who would gladly help.

As we look to make a positive difference in life we can also do so in death.  At the Natural Burial Company we are passionate about helping to care for the enviroment, encourage nature, and making a real difference when celebrating the lives of loved ones.  Our team are available to help you at all times.  You are welcome to contact us by telephone or email to further discuss how we can all work together for the benefit of everyone.

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