The Great Big Green Week – Working Together, Making a Difference

Caring for the environment is key to everything we do.  Therefore, we are very proud to have joined The Great Big Green Week which will be taking place countrywide in September.

At each of our burial grounds, Prestwold (near Loughborough), Scraptoft (Leicester) and Wrottesley Park (Wolverhampton), we will be holding an event to raise awareness of environmentally friendly funeral services, whilst also supporting local green community groups.

And we are inviting companies, groups and individuals to join us at these events so we can all make a difference.

Funeral Directors, Florists, Celebrants and Suppliers – Do you provide environmentally friendly services?  If so, why not join us?  We want to help people to be aware of the choices they  have for ensuring a green send off for themselves or their loved ones.

Community Groups – Are you an organiser for, or a member of, a community group with an environmental focus?  We would love to have you at your local event.

Local Walking Groups – We wish to arrange a walk at each of our events.  Would your group like to lead this walk?

Wildlife Groups – It would be great to have you attend to promote your work.

Have we missed you out? – If you are interested in supporting The Great Big Green Week and have something to offer but don’t fit into the above, no problem.  We would love to talk to you about what you can offer.

For further information or to express an interest please contact Christopher by email at   It would be great to have a broad section of bereavement service and community groups present.  And of course, everyone is invited to attend.

Further details regarding events nationwide can be found

Together we can make a difference.  Thank you.


Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

Our Commitments

We take great pride in the important role we play in caring for the bereaved and the environment, and are dedicated to doing all we can to help make a positive difference.  Key to much that we do are our core commitments.  We think it would also be beneficial to share these commitments with you:

Care and Support for the Bereaved

We will do whatever we can to help those in time of need.  This includes our personal availability and the services we provide.  We will only conduct one burial a day at each of our burial grounds, ensuring that there are no time constraints on services.  We help support and advise on Family Led Services and DIY funerals.  We can also provide shelters, chairs, a quality blue tooth speaker and refreshments (when Covid regulations allow) to ensure that a final goodbye is everything that it should be.

Personalised services can be arranged and themed funerals, picnics and evening torch-lit services have all been conducted.  Grave plots can be chosen and a complete range of memorials is available, including trees and nature homes to ensure a natural legacy for future generations.

Care for the Environment

Caring for the environment is one of the biggest challenges we all face today.  As such, our burial grounds are developed and managed to encourage nature and make a positive difference to the environment.  Natural burial is so much more environmentally friendly than cremation and traditional burial, and helps ensure beautiful, natural areas for the future.

Trees are essential to the balance of nature and play an enormous role in removing damaging particles from the air, helping flood control, supporting many life forms and providing a calming and positive place to visit.  Promoting bio-diversity also ensures habitats for so many forms of life, essential to our planet.

We will care and develop our burial grounds with a light touch to allow nature to thrive, with the associated benefits for us all.  And, within time, all of our burial grounds will be left to nature as woodlands and meadows for the benefit of all.

Fighting Funeral Poverty

We understand that funeral poverty is very real for so many people.  Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that our prices are low, ensuring burial services and memorials are available for much lower costs than many traditional cemeteries.

We can help and support simple family led services to minimise costs at what is already a difficult and stressful time.  And are available to advise how other costs can be reduced.

Our Direct Natural Burial Service also allows a simple, cost effective burial, with all of the advantages of direct cremation.  Whilst also supporting the environment and ensuring a beautiful place to visit and remember.

Helping Future Planning

An increasing number of people are looking to plan, and in some cases pay for, their funeral service.  This allows peace of mind and removes the financial burden and/or the worry of making the wrong decisions for those left behind.  Future planning also ensures that any special requests you have are not forgotten.  This could be personalisation of a service with a theme, alternative transport (a VW Camper or Horse Drawn Hearse for example), or music.  Alternatively putting “money behind the bar” for family and friends to enjoy a toast and share memories of good times.

Burial plots can be chosen and paid for in advance (at today’s price) and we can help you to prepare documents detailing personal wishes.  Many people find that this process is not morbid, rather is a positive and enlightening experience.  And the plans for your final goodbye can be amended as you find new music or enjoy new hobbies.

Our team are here for you and for the environment.  If we can help in any way, or if you would like further information regarding our commitments and services, you are welcome to contact us on (0116) 222 0247 or by email

Beautiful Daffodils

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

Natural Burial Inspiration – Awen Clement

Very personal, beautiful, words from our friend and colleague Awen Clement.  Inspired by Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground.


When my human days are done

Let gentle hands wrap my body in love and cloth

Let loving arms carry me to the forest at dusk and as the birds sing their end of day lament to the sun

Lay me down in the sweet earth, tuck me in with the earthworms while stars fall and the old oaks look on


Awen Clement

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

Dispelling the Myths

We have received contact from a number of people worried regarding the availability of burial services during lockdown.  Therefore, we thought it best to put minds at rest and clarify that we continue to provide a full service to all:

Natural Burials are continuing.  There is no stipulation that those with covid must be cremated. We are available for you, whenever you need us.

The attendance limit at full burial services is currently 30 people.

We can arrange Direct Natural Burials for those who require a simple, low-cost service.  Direct Natural Burial has great advantages over direct cremation as you are supporting the environment and have a beautiful, natural place to visit and remember in the future.

We remain available to conduct burials at weekends and outside of traditional hours.

There is no time-limit on the length of the burial service.  What matters are your wishes to provide an appropriate goodbye for your loved one.

You can also arrange burials of cremated remains.  The attendance limit is currently 6 people.

All of our burial grounds remain open to visitors.

You can pre-purchase burial plots.  The plot is purchased at today’s price.  Many people are finding this a comfort during these most difficult of times.

We are available by Zoom and WhatsApp as well as phone and email.

Remember, you are welcome to contact us at any time.  We are here to advise, help and support everyone.

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

A Woodland Legacy

It is now acknowledged that continued damage to the environment is a major threat to our planet.  As such, it’s encouraging to see so many people adapting their lifestyle and making changes, large and small, to help protect our future.

Trees can play a large part in ensuring positive change. Described as the ultimate carbon capture and storage machines, it is estimated that a young wood with mixed native species can lock up over 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare in trees, roots and soil.  They also encourage and support many other diverse forms of life, all of which contribute to our wonderful world.

Natural Burial allows the perfect environmentally friendly legacy as a native tree can be planted on graves, ensuring new life in nature, and environmental benefits.

Trees can also be planted at our burial grounds for interments of cremated remains and even as a memorial for someone who is buried, or was cremated, elsewhere.  What is important is that for generations a magnificent tree will be a beautiful, living memorial.

The planting can be conducted by members of the family, allowing a very personal way to say a goodbye to a loved one whilst encouraging new life.

Our burial grounds will in time be left to nature as mature woodlands and meadows for future generations to visit, remember and benefit from a healthier environment and all that the great outdoors has to offer.

As a visitor recently said to me “When I die I want to be a tree.  What a perfect legacy to leave for future generations”


Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

The Advantages of Direct Natural Burial

Providing beautiful, environmentally friendly, cost effective burial services in a peaceful woodland or meadow setting.

In recent years there has been an increase in direct cremations, initially due to high profile funerals such as that of David Bowie.  More recently the covid crisis has necessitated this option for many in society.  The advantages of such a service are clear, the cost is much below that of a traditional funeral and greater emphasis can be placed on what may be seen as more appropriate ways to remember and celebrate a life.  Especially for those who are not religious.

However, it is not well known that direct natural burial is also available.  This allows the cost and simplicity advantages of direct cremation whilst also ensuring the greatest possible care for nature and the environment.  This also allows the opportunity for family and friends to visit a beautiful area of peace and tranquility to remember their loved one.

So what is a direct natural burial?  Put simply, the burial is conducted with the usual care and respect at one of our natural burial grounds, but without a service and with no mourners present.  The Natural Burial Company would choose the grave plot and this would remain unmarked.  The family would be aware of the burial ground, but would not be informed of the exact location of the plot.  However, a memorial tree and/or plaque may be purchased and be placed in our memorial area.  The grave plot may also be purchased at a later date, this would then allow for the grave to be identified and memorials to be placed on the grave if you wish.

As the service is simplified and the grave is not identified the cost is significantly less than for a standard burial plot.  This allows for funds to be available for a celebration, memorial service or other activity in remembrance.  As with all of our services we ensure that our care for the deceased, the bereaved and the environment is total.

A direct burial plot with gravedigging and administration fees is £780 at our Prestwold and Scraptoft Natural Burial Grounds and £850 at our Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground.  Additional charges will be made by your funeral director for other items such as the coffin, transport and their professional services.

For further information regarding direct natural burial please don’t hesitate to contact The Natural Burial Company or your funeral director.  We are here at all times to help you care for the environment, save money and ensure a beautiful natural legacy.

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

Planning for your funeral

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an increase in people thinking about their own funeral.  More and more people are planning their funeral service to ensure their wishes are met. This process can be extremely positive and comforting, whilst also reducing the burden for those left behind of trying to make the correct choices whilst grieving.

All of our burial plots can be chosen and paid for in advance. Be it woodland burial, interment of ashes, or choosing plots for all of the family.  Our team are available to meet you at the burial ground, answer your questions and help explain the options available.  The plot(s) can then be selected and paid for at todays price. Once paid the plot is secured, no matter how much the price of a plot increases in the future.

Our team can also help you to plan the details of your funeral service.  Once again, this can remove worry for your loved ones and will ensure that your goodbye is exactly as you wish it to be – an elaborate traditional service, a themed funeral or the most simple of direct burials and everyone invited to the pub to toast your memory.  We can help you to prepare a statement of wishes which can then be kept with your personal documents.  We do not charge for this service.

There are many aspects that you may wish to consider:

  • Vehicles – An Electric, Horse Drawn or Motorcycle Hearse.  Or even a VW Camper Van or Morris Minor.  It may be that you wouldn’t want a hearse at all.  Many people travel to their final resting place in a family or friends estate vehicle.
  • Shroud, Coffin or Casket – There are so many environmentally friendly coffins and caskets.  Cardboard, Bamboo and Willow are just a few of the options available.  Shroud burials are also popular.

Willow Pod Coffin

  • Music – Traditional hymns and songs can be sung. But also personal favorites can be played, pop, rock, reggae or classical.  What matters is what is important to you.  Recent services have included music by Queen, Status Quo, Bryan Adams and a 60’s mix.  Also theme tunes to well known TV shows and films.  We have blue tooth speakers so recorded music can be played.  Live music can also feature and can be especially personal if it is family or friends playing the instruments.
Harriet Flather, Harpist
  • Themed Services – If something has always been important to you in life, it’s appropriate that this passion is also key to your goodbye.  It can be as simple as everyone wearing a particular colour, or can be as specific and special as you wish.
  • Simple Burial – You do not have to have a service at all.  A direct burial is simple and cost effective.  What you may consider to be a more appropriate goodbye can then be arranged.  A meal or event for family and friends, or maybe a pub night for all to remember the good times?
  • Caring for the Environment – Having a tree planted on your grave will ensure a wonderful, natural legacy.  Also bird boxes or nature homes can help make a difference and encourage nature.  A wonderful parting gift for the natural world and future generations.

You can also pay for all aspects of your final goodbye with a pre-payment funeral plan.  Almost all funeral directors now have plans available, many of which provide excellent peace of mind.  However, please ensure that you ask plenty of questions and get a quote first in order to ensure that you are taking the right plan for you.  For example, make sure that you are not paying for items or services that would not be required.  And how environmentally friendly is the service offered (for example coffin options)?  If in doubt contact several companies or ask a friend for advice.  We are also able to help you if you wish.

Planning your funeral in advance is practical and beneficial and does provide peace of mind to many people.  We are here to help you and you are welcome to contact us at any time if you require further information.  Helping you to ensure that your final goodbye is exactly what you would wish it to be. Removing additional stress and worry from your loved ones.  And caring for the environment in death as well as life.

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

Opportunity to join our team

As we continue to develop our services we have an opportunity for a new colleague to join our team in the new role of Care and Services Co-ordinator.

Working from your own home, in the Leicester area, we are looking for someone who shares our passion for caring for the bereaved and the environment.  You would need your own transport as travel to each of our burial grounds is required in order to ensure the highest possible standards of care and service.

Duties are varied, office and administration skills are key, as is a genuine desire to make a positive difference.  You will be required to conduct visits, arrange services, conduct burials and help care for our beautiful natural burial grounds.

Teamwork is key and you will be well supported.  Full training will be provided.

These are exciting times for The Natural Burial Company and this opportunity will allow you to grow with the business, as new burial grounds and services are developed.

Initially the post is part-time, 20 hours per week.  Although flexibility is expected and additional hours will be required in order to meet client needs.

For further information or to apply for the post please email with your CV and brief details of what you believe you could bring to this important and exciting role.

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

Answering your questions

We understand that whilst the vast majority wish to care for the environment, many have little knowledge of green funerals and woodland burial.  So to help, here are the answers to some of the questions we have recently been asked:

Is natural burial better for the environment? – Yes, cremation requires large quantities of fuel and releases pollutants into the environment.  Modern filtration is improving this, but issues remain.  Furthermore for natural burial, shrouds or environmentally friendly coffins are used, the grave is dug by hand and trees are planted to enhance the environment.

Is green burial more expensive? – No, plots in our burial grounds are lower than most traditional cemeteries.  Having a direct burial further reduces costs.  You genuinely can help protect the environment and save money.

Where is my local natural burial ground?  – We currently have natural burial grounds at Prestwold near Loughborough, Scraptoft near Leicester and Wrottesley Park near Wolverhampton.  Anyone can be buried at our natural burial grounds and there are no additional fees for those who live away from the area.

Are there time constraints for a green funeral service?  – We do not limit times for burials.  Services can be booked at any time, on any day, and we only have one service each day so your time is not limited.  Picnics can be held around the graveside and music played.

Can we book a plot in advance? – Yes, all plots can be personally selected and paid for in advance.

Can we bury or scatter ashes? – Yes, you can choose a plot for burial of ashes.  We also have dedicated scattering areas.

My loved one was buried elsewhere, can I have a memorial at the natural burial ground?  – Yes we have memorial woodland areas at each natural burial ground.  You may also have a plaque if you wish.

Can I leave instructions for my wish to have a natural burial? – Yes, we can help you with this.  Planning in advance provides peace of mind for those left behind and ensures that the service is exactly as you wish.  Please contact us if you require any advice or support.

Are environmentally friendly coffins expensive and are there many options? – Most funeral directors now have an extensive selection of coffins suitable for natural burial.  Cardboard, Bamboo, Wicker, Banana and Pandanus are just some of the options available.  Cardboard and Bamboo coffins and caskets are in the main a similar cost to standard traditional coffins.  Some of the hand woven Wicker coffins can be more expensive, this is due to the time and materials used to craft.  If you are having trouble sourcing a coffin or casket, or require advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hopefully the above may answer some of the questions you may have.  There is also further information and an FAQ sheet on our website.  You can also phone or email us at any time.

We believe passionately about caring for the environment and the bereaved.  Helping you to make the right decisions is an extremely important aspect of this.


Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park

Remembering and Paying Tribute – Our Covid Memorial Woods

The Covid crisis has impacted upon us all.  Many have lost their lives to this virus, a situation made even worse as we have not always been able to say goodbye.  It continues to be an awful time of fear and caution for us all.

Throughout this crisis there have been so many heroes, frontline workers working in healthcare, our supermarkets, the emergency services and so many other important roles.  We owe so much to so many.

The Natural Burial Company have worked hard to support the bereaved throughout the crisis but also realise that this unique situation has changed all of our lives.  For many the world will never be the same again.

So we believe it appropriate to provide our tribute, in remembrance of those who have passed as a result of covid.  But also to say thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to help people through this awful time.  There are so many unsung heroes who have given their time, their service and in some tragic cases their lives.

Therefore we will be planting and dedicating new woodlands at each of our burial grounds to honour everyone whose lives have been impacted by the virus, and to pay tribute and respect.  These woods will be places of remembrance, but also of hope, love and thanks.

The woodlands will be planted and dedicated in special ceremonies next year.  These ceremonies will be public events and we will be advertising details in advance.  Everyone will be welcome.

However, we do require your thoughts as to appropriate names for these special woods.  Therefore, we are asking for suggestions for each of these remembrance areas.  Please let us know your thoughts, and also make it clear for which burial ground you wish to name the wood – Prestwold (near Loughborough), Scraptoft (Leicester) or Wrottesley Park (Wolverhampton).

Thank you

Prestwold in Spring

Natural Burial Locations

Wrottesley Park