Making a Difference and Saving Money

It is widely believed that the cost of burial is high.  For municipal cemeteries this can be true, as lack of space and other factors lead to ever spiralling prices.  However green burials are different, and beautiful, natural funerals can be arranged for a fraction of the cost.

At The Natural Burial Company we have been looking into burial prices in our local areas and have been surprised by our findings.  A green funeral at a natural burial ground is by far the most environmentally friendly funeral service available. However, as well as helping to care for nature and protect our future, natural burial will also save you money.

So to help you make informed choices we have listed below prices for each of our burial grounds compared to the local city/town cemetery.  To keep things simple we have compared full burials only.  Although similar comparative savings are available when considering cremated remains burials and memorial options.


At our Scraptoft natural burial ground on the outskirts of Leicester a full burial plot is £750.  The interment fee (gravedigging and administration) is £435.  Therefore, the total cost of a new grave with interment is £1,185.

Compare this to the costs of a lawn grave at Leicester of £1,300 for the plot, and interment fees of £745 (total £2,045) for a resident of Leicester.  Fees for non-residents of Leicester are doubled (total £4,090).  A permit to erect a memorial adds a further £200.00

At Scraptoft, as at all of our burial grounds, you can also choose your plot and there are no additional charges, wherever you live.


Our Wrottesley Park natural burial ground close to Wolverhampton has larger overhead costs, hence is slightly more expensive than our other burial grounds.  However, whilst the plot cost of £890 and interment fees of £435 total £1,325 this is much less than the local cemetery at Danescourt.

The exclusive rights for a private plot at Danescourt costs £1,980, interment fees are £1,040 (total £3,020).  For a non-resident of Wolverhampton a 50% surcharge is added, making the total £4,530.  A memorial permit for a headstone adds £150.

There is a natural burial area at Bushbury, plots here are charged at £1,010 (add 50% surcharge for non-resident), the interment fee of £690 makes the total cost £1,700.

You can purchase a plot in advance, however an additional £150 is added for this.  No charge is made by The Natural Burial Company for choosing and purchasing a plot in advance.


Prestwold Natural Burial Ground near Loughborough was one of the very first natural burial grounds in the midlands, opening in 1999.  As such there are many areas and options available.  However, the vast majority of plots are priced as Scraptoft, £750 for the grave and £435 interment fees (total £1,185).

For a standard burial the local Loughborough cemetery charges £740 for a traditional grave and £498 interment (total £1,238).  A lawn grave option is available for a total for a Loughborough resident of £1,065.  Once the memorial permit cost (£158) is added, this then totals £1,223.  The memorial permit charge is also applicable for traditional graves.

As with many other cemetery authorities though, Loughborough charge additional costs for non-residents of the town.  A resident of Charnwood would need to pay double fees and one who resides outside of Charnwood would pay triple.  There is also no option at present to purchase plots in advance.

We provide this information to help you to make informed choices.  In a world where funeral poverty is real and value for money is so important for all, we believe that it is only fair that the public are aware of the options available. Everyone can make a real difference to the environment and leave a beautiful, natural legacy for future generations whilst saving money.

Note: All prices sourced from the relevant local authority websites on 9th June 2020.  We will gladly amend any pricing above if notified of change.


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Wrottesley Park

A Meaningful Goodbye

During these challenging times it saddens us to hear that because of restrictions many people are unable to say goodbye to a loved one in the way they wish.  Green burial is different as everything we do is aimed at providing a personal  and caring service, free of time constraints and with the minimum of restrictions.

At The Natural Burial Company we have always been proud of the personal service we can offer.  Whilst we believe that this is always essential, during the coronavirus pandemic this is even more important.

Funeral services can be arranged on any day and at any time.  We also only have one service on each day at our burial grounds – this means that you can have as long as you want to say goodbye in the way that is right and appropriate.  Music can be played and many families have also chosen to raise a toast and/or have a picnic around the grave.  This allows time to think and talk about your loved one, and to catch up with family who you may not have been able to see for many weeks.  We can supply freshly cleaned picnic blankets and can mark areas to ensure that everyone confirms to social distancing.  We can also accommodate up to 20 people attending, and will ensure that sufficient car parking and waiting areas are available to keep everyone safe.

We provide services for cremated remains as well as full burials.  So if your loved one had a direct cremation you can still conduct a full, meaningful service for them.

Natural burial provides all of this, whilst also ensuring you are caring for the environment and saving money against traditional burials.  There will also be a beautiful place to visit and pay your respects in the future.  And a wonderful, natural legacy for future generations.

Prestwold in Spring

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Greener World, Greener Funerals

So many people have noticed the environmental changes since the lockdown restrictions have been in place.  The air is cleaner, nature is thriving.  We seem to have a greener world.

As we move out of special measures and the world becomes a safer place again, we all have an opportunity to help also make it a better place.  People are talking about making less car and plane journeys, planting trees and making gardens more nature friendly. Thinking how we can all help the planet and the wildlife we share it with.

Our care for the environment in life can continue in death.  Natural Burial offers everyone the opportunity to continue care by reducing the carbon footprint of their funeral service and leaving a beautiful natural legacy.  A greener funeral for a greener world.

We understand that for religious or cultural reasons people will continue to choose cremation.  However, the cremated remains can still be buried at a natural burial ground.  And a memorial tree will not only be a beautiful natural legacy.  You will also know that you are making a positive difference to the environment.  Of course, family, friends and future generations will also have somewhere beautiful to visit and remember.

It is a fact that Natural Burial is far more environmentally friendly than cremation or traditional burial.  Opting for a Natural Burial makes a difference in itself.  But what more can be done to ensure a greener funeral?

An environmentally friendly coffin, casket or shroud is very important. Many traditional coffins have plastic handles and are made using chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.  There are now many alternatives to these coffins.  An online search will help you find cardboard, bamboo, willow and other coffins, as well as natural shrouds.  Your funeral director should be able to offer a range of options for you.  And even if you would like a traditional coffin, you can still have wooden or rope handles.

On occasions embalming (or as it is sometimes called Hygienic Treatment) is essential to care for someone after death.  However, this is not always the case and you may wish to discuss this with your funeral director.  Many embalming chemicals are bad for the environment.

Electric hearses are now available and becoming more common.  Again, don’t be afraid to ask your funeral director if they have, or have access to, such a vehicle.  Electric private ambulances are now also available for collecting the deceased from home or hospital.

Many funeral directors also have an environmental policy and look to help ensure a greener funeral in many other ways.  If you are unsure of a particular company look at their website or make a telephone call.  The vast majority of funeral directors are dedicated, caring professionals who would gladly help.

As we look to make a positive difference in life we can also do so in death.  At the Natural Burial Company we are passionate about helping to care for the enviroment, encourage nature, and making a real difference when celebrating the lives of loved ones.  Our team are available to help you at all times.  You are welcome to contact us by telephone or email to further discuss how we can all work together for the benefit of everyone.

Scraptoft Natural Burial Site

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Covid-19 Update May 2020- Continuing our Care

The Natural Burial Company wishes to assure our clients and the general public that your safety, and the safety of our staff is paramount at this very challenging time.

Whilst we will of course continue to provide an essential service to our communities, it is also our duty to try and protect the health, safety and welfare of our clients, our staff and visitors to our burial grounds.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to relax restrictions regarding visiting graves and our burial grounds are now open to visitors.  Unfortunately, we are unable to open the car parks at present though.  Please accept our assurance that we will fully open at the earliest, safe, opportunity.

We can also further confirm the following:

Information and Arranging Services

We remain available at all times, by telephone and email, also Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp if required.  However, we do request that general enquiries are made by emailing us at [email protected], which will leave our telephone lines free for the arranging of burial services.

All required documents can be downloaded from the Forms and Leaflets area of our website

We can now meet at our burial grounds if you wish to choose a plot.  For those who are unable to visit due to distance or self-isolating we can provide photographs of available areas to help.

The Funeral or Burial Service

We can now allow up to 24 to attend a burial service, as long as social distancing is maintained.  We request that sufficient notice is provided to us if expected numbers are to exceed 15.  This will allow us to prepare car parking and mark out clear areas to ensure social distancing to keep everyone safe.

We can now conduct burials and scatterings of ashes again.  The same restrictions apply as above for full burials.  We hope that this will help those who have had to arrange a direct cremation to be able to have a more appropriate goodbye.

To help further, for all services we have removed our Weekend and Bank Holiday surcharges until further notice.

You can still also arrange advanced purchase plots.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment to meet a member of our team at the burial ground.

Practical Matters

Unfortunately, given the obvious health risks involved, until further notice we will not be providing refreshments, nor will we be conducting any separate tree planting ceremonies.

All of the above remains subject to change at any time.  Whenever possible, further information will be provided on our website and our Facebook page

Thank you for your understanding at this time and please be assured that we are doing, and will do everything possible to respect your wishes and those of your loved ones, within the confines of the Government regulations and guidance that has been handed down to us.

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Introducing our Community Fund

25 Years of Care

To celebrate 25 years of caring for the environment and the community The Natural Burial Company are, throughout 2020, providing grants to local groups to support environmental projects.

Supporting the Environment

Caring for the environment is becoming more important and we applaud the work that so many are doing to make a positive difference. We know that this is not always easy and money can be tight. Therefore, community and charity groups may contact us to apply for a small grant to support this important work.

Who can apply and how?

It may be that you are a nursery group teaching children about the great outdoors, an allotment society, or a nature care group. Key is that you are local and are working to support the environment in one way or another.

To apply for a grant you simply need to email us at [email protected] providing details of your group or organisation, a brief summary of the work you conduct, and how the money will be spent. Our funds are limited so we can’t help everyone, we also can’t help businesses, private individuals or political groups. However, we will do everything we can to help support the many wonderful groups who are working to make our world a better place.

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Working to Eliminate Funeral Poverty

The Bad News

Two recent reports have shown that funeral costs have once again risen. The Sun Life Cost of Dying Report lists the average funeral cost in 2019 as £4,417. The Royal London Annual Funeral Cost Index for 2019 lists the figure as £3,785. On average, burial costs are higher still as cemetery space in many urban areas reduces, leading to increased prices.

The Good News, Natural Burial

However, this is not the full story as natural burial offers fully personalised services which help the environment, at costs well below what would be expected in traditional cemeteries. The natural burial ground also provides a beautiful, tranquil place to visit, encourages nature and ensures a natural legacy for future generations.

Personalising the Service

By arranging a totally personalised “family led service” you have the satisfaction of ensuring all arrangements are exactly as you wish. Whilst not having to pay for items and services that you don’t need. Your funeral director can help advise and guide you to achieve this. As would The Natural Death Centre ( Our team are also extremely experienced in providing help and advice.

Direct Burial

Whilst it is well known that “Direct Cremation” is becoming increasingly popular the principle of Direct Burial is not so well known. We offer this service at The Natural Burial Company. Allowing a non-attended service for a significant reduction in cost. By ensuring that you are aware of the burial ground in which the service took place (but not the specific grave) you have a beautiful place to visit and remember. After all, the natural beauty of the burial ground is itself a tribute to those in its care. You can also arrange a slate plaque and/or tree in a memorial area if you wish.

Find out More

We passionately believe that funeral poverty is wrong and will do our best to work hard to provide the best possible service for reasonable cost. So many others agree also with our stance. You can find more details regarding these and further information on challenging funeral poverty at

Here For You

Everyone has a right to say goodbye to a loved one in the manner appropriate to the life lived. We at The Natural Burial Company are dedicated to working with you, all agencies and funeral directors to play our part to make this happen.

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Awards Success

The Natural Burial Company are honoured to have been awarded the title ofBest Bereavement Awareness Event of the Year at the recent Good Funeral Awards.  We are proud to have received this aware for our work organising this special event to help provide a greater understanding of bereavement and funeral service.  The day itself was a great success with presentations, workshops and an exhibition at the historic and prestigious Prestwold Hall.  Christopher Doggett, Managing Director of The Natural Burial Company, said “caring for the bereaved and helping provide information, support and advice is so important.  It is our mission to care for the environment and to help all within our society.  It is a privilege that so many other caring people, from all areas of bereavement and funeral service, join with us to help make a real difference to the bereaved with their knowledge, support and advice”

Good Funeral Awards Winner

At the same awards the Prestwold Natural Burial Ground also received a Highly Recommended commendation as a finalist in the category of Best Burial Ground.  Once again, we are honoured that we were nominated for this award and reached the final.  We will continue to work hard with all of our burial grounds to ensure that they are beautiful, natural places to remember, encourage nature and provide a wonderful legacy for future generations.

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Wrottesley Park

Wrottesley Park Open Day

Our Wrottesley Park Natural Burial Ground near Perton, Wolverhampton, will be holding an open day on Saturday 28th July between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

Our team will be available to provide guided tours of the Burial Ground and Wrottesley Park and to answer any questions you may have regarding Natural Burial.

We will also be joined by the wonderful people at Compton Care as well as a variety of traditional and alternative funeral vehicles – including an all-electric hearse.

Everyone is welcome.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us on (0116) 222 0247 if further details are required.

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Prestwold Hall Bereavement Awareness Day 17th May 2018

We are excited to announce that all details are now confirmed for our Prestwold Hall Bereavement Awareness Day for Dying Matters Week and supporting Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.

The day will feature a number of presentations and an open forum allowing you to ask questions and discuss any aspect of bereavement and funerals.  We also have an exhibition featuring local service providers, bereavement support, and caring professionals who you will be able to speak to in confidence in private areas if you wish.

The day starts at 11.00 and plenty of free parking is available.  There will also be refreshments on-site.

Tickets are free but we request that you book your space by contacting us at [email protected] or telephone (0116) 222 0247.

Prestwold Bereavement Awareness Day 2018 – A4 Poster

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Bereavement Awareness Day

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a special event at the historic and prestigious Prestwold Hall, near Loughborough, on Thursday 17th May 2018.

The Prestwold Bereavement Awareness Day will enable all to discuss bereavement, seek advice and meet with all manner of people dedicated to helping and supporting the bereaved and those who wish to prepare for their last days.

The event will feature presentations, discussion groups, demonstrations and the opportunity to speak in private with caring volunteers and professionals.

Full details will be announced shortly.  However, if you require further information or wish to participate you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

Prestwold Hall


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