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A Celebration of Life

The ways in which we say goodbye to loved ones are becoming more personal. With a greater awareness of environmental issues, fewer religious services, and a greater desire for more personalised goodbyes, celebrations of life are growing in popularity. Full burial services, and natural interments of cremated remains after direct cremations are now regularly arranged.

At The Natural Burial Company our passion is to provide a totally personalised service to meet your needs, in line with our ethos of caring for the bereaved, the environment, and keeping prices low.

At each natural burial ground only one full burial a day is conducted, which allows as much time as you wish for the celebration or service. This time can be used for a picnic, listening to music, or simply spending time remembering your loved one. The Natural Burial Company can provide shelters, chairs, simple refreshments, and a quality Bluetooth speaker. We can also help to prepare the celebration or service, and act as master of ceremonies if you wish. A list of exceptional celebrants is also available to help conduct the service and we also work with all local ministers of religion and officiants. Key to everything, is ensuring that the goodbye is exactly as you wish it to be.

You do not have to have a traditional hearse and a discreet vehicle is used by most families. Although we are also able to provide Horse Drawn, Motorcycle, or other hearses. An Electric Hearse can also be supplied.

There are now a large selection of environmentally friendly coffins, caskets and shrouds available. From Cardboard to Bamboo, Willow, Banana Leaf and Pandanus. Likewise, Ashes Caskets are available in a large of beautiful environmentally friendly materials. Our supplier has the same ethics as us, and are a Guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

Direct Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular option, allowing cost savings and for a celebration or service to be conducted at the natural burial ground on a day and time convenient to all who wish to attend. This could be on a special day such as an anniversary, or you can simply wait for warmer weather in order to allow a picnic if the death occurred in winter.

However you wish to celebrate the life of a loved one our team are here to help. We can provide advice, support and guidance to ensure everything is as you wish it to be. We can be contacted on (0116) 222 0247 or email

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