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Caring for the Bereaved

Our ethos is to ensure that everything we do is to help the bereaved and the environment. Grave plots can be personally selected and chosen in advance. On the day of the service there are no time constraints or regulations regarding who can and cannot be buried within our grounds. Everyone is welcome to visit and remember in a truly, beautiful, natural environment. And all are safe in the knowledge that a wonderful legacy will remain.

Encouraging Nature

Natural burial ensures minimal environmental damage when compared to crematoria and traditional cemeteries. Biodegradable Coffins and Shrouds are encouraged, and all graves are single depth and dug traditionally by hand. Natural memorials such as trees and nature boxes are available and minimal maintenance is conducted to ensure a perfect habitat for many forms of life.

Natural & Green Burials

There are many reasons why someone may choose a natural burial:

  • Care for the environment
  • Arranging a truly personal goodbye to a loved one
  • Having a beautiful place to visit and remember
  • Leaving a natural legacy for future generations
  • Because the cost can be so much less than traditional cemeteries

At The Natural Burial Company we are passionate about protecting the environment and caring for the bereaved.  Therefore, we are dedicated to providing tranquil, peaceful places for remembrance and helping ensure truly personal celebrations of life and funeral services.  Which can be conducted, free of the time constraints, restrictions and the general conveyor-belt feel of so many funeral service locations.

Our experienced team are dedicated to providing advice, support and exceptional service to all.  Likewise, we have enormous pride in our burial grounds and in encouraging nature and developing beautiful meadows and woodlands for the future. Our commitment to the environment is such that we even continue to dig all graves by hand, reducing emissions and ensuring maximum respect to those already resting with us.

We are proud to be continuing to establish a network of Woodland Areas where people can experience a natural reserve in which wildlife is protected and encouraged to flourish.  Safe in the knowledge that the burial has involved minimal environmental impact and a beautiful tree or floral meadow will be the legacy.

The Natural Burial Company offers several Natural Burial (or as they are sometimes known, Green Burial or Woodland Burial) Grounds in the UK with more in the planning stages, so that everyone can have greater freedom to bury their loved one in a place of natural, unspoilt beauty.

Burial or cremated remains plots can be purchased in advance in order to secure several plots together as a family, or to simply choose a special spot, overlooking a favoured view or feature in one of our beautiful burial grounds.  We can also Scatter Cremated Remains in special areas and provide natural memorials to others who may have been buried or cremated in another location.

Our burial grounds are open to those of beliefs, traditions and religions and we have no restrictions or additional costs for those who reside away from the area.  We are truly available to all who wish to care for the environment.

Please browse our pages which should provide you with all of the information and advice you may need.  However, you are also welcome to contact us at any time on (0116) 222 0247 or by email [email protected]

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Natural Burial Locations

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Celebrating Life in Nature

Celebrating life in nature, personalised services and green burials with The Natural Burial Company

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